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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 — Spreading the Passion
Former strong man competitor Derek Lyle Spence and Peguis First Nation resident Brittany Sutherland are arm wrestling friends who each help bring Indigenous kids into the sport they love. At the same time, both Derek and Brittany are striving to be the top in their weight class, locally… and far beyond.

Episode 2 — Pick Your Battles
Trash talking Evan “Bad Company” Bourgoin is used to being in charge – he’s the coach of the Ottawa Valley High Hookers arm wrestling club. He’s also used to winning mostly every tournament in his region. But, can Evan keep his title and prize belt when he takes on the biggest competitor of his career, giant fisted American Jeff Dabe? Meanwhile, his younger brother James, an excellent arm wrestler in a lighter weight class, faces his own personal challenges off the table.

Episode 3 — Family First
Jimmy “The Machine” Findley and Harleigh Marchant are brother and sister provincial champions. These days Jimmy is competing at tournaments alongside his wife, Kristi and his young son, Kayden while aiming to win the gold medal that so far has eluded him at Nationals. His younger sister Harleigh cheers him on but comes up against an unexpected stall in her own sports career.

Episode 4 — The Comeback Kids
Provincial champion Steph Heroux faces what could be a career ending injury. At the same time arm wrestling legend Vern “The One Armed Bandit” Martel determinedly makes his way back to the table for the first time after two exhausting years battling stage 4 cancer.

Episode 5 — Going the Distance
Friends Nathan W. Brien and Noland Gunner travel 2000 km from their home town of Mistissini in Northern Quebec each time they compete in the sport they love. Impressively strong Nathan is realizing that winning matches takes more than brute strength, while Noland uses the support of his family both at the table and in his work and personal life to help keep him sober and away from drug use.

Episode 6 — Leggo My Ego
Trash talking Evan “Bad Company” Bourgoin has a proven strategy: decimate his opponents with psychological warfare before he pins them with his impressive arm wrestling technique. The strategy has been working brilliantly – until Evan comes up against a veteran champion who may be immune to it. Meanwhile his younger Ottawa Valley High Hooker teammate Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill confidently plows his to way to the top of the sport. Will he achieve his dream to become the top ranked in the world?

Episode 7 — Family Matters
Natasha Batt and Nikkey Maytwayashing each deal with the challenges of single parenting. Newby arm wrestler Natasha trains with world champion arm wrestlers Devon and Jodi Larratt, trying to keep her competitive focus even while her active young kids drive her to distraction during training and tournaments. Nikkey is having a tough time finding her place again in the sport after taking a year off to have her second child.

Episode 8 — In the Running
Nova Scotia arm wrestler Trevor Sanipass and his long time friend Mark MacPhail help train promising newcomer Pasamay Doucette and the next generation of local Indigenous arm wrestlers. Meanwhile, Trevor takes a break from his own career in the sport to try a first attempt at running in provincial politics. He’s aiming to make history as Nova Scotia’s first Aboriginal MLA.

Episode 9 — Ref and Tough
Neophyte arm wrestler Donna Purdy is on a meteoric rise in her first year of competition- she’s already picked up a provincial lightweight title. She travels to a neighbouring province to compete against a new slate of arm wrestlers, and gets tips and support from veteran puller Deb Fiddler, who is following her own dream of becoming a top-level referee.

Episode 10 — Mastering the Table
It has been three decades that veteran puller Frank Nuyens has been working hard to win medals and trophies for his biggest fan: his mother. It’s all the more important to him now that she is dealing with cancer. His friend and rival Richard Henson is trying out a new style of training and competing in his quest to finally bring home the provincial gold.

Episode 11 — Weighing the Odds
With just weeks to go to the National Arm Wrestling Championships, Arm Nation pullers make their final pushes to be tournament ready. Evan Bourgoin is trying to lose more than 10% of his body weight to go down a weight class and stay away from a seemingly unbeatable rival. Natasha Batt is trying to decide if she should compete at the glitzy World Arm wrestling League (WAL) finals in Las Vegas or the Canadian Nationals – both happening the same weekend. Brittany Sutherland and Richard Henson are coming up with unique ways to raise the funds to finance their and their family’s trips across the country to compete for gold.

Episode 12 — Uphill Battles
The National Arm Wrestling Championships begin! This episode follows aspiring level 2 referee Deb Fiddler taking her grueling final exam and arm wrestlers Richard Hensen, Donna Purdy, Vern Martel, Trevor Sanipass, Frank Nuyens and in some cases, their kids, through the tense matches, exhilarating wins and heartbreaking moments that bring them that much closer – or one step farther – from their medal dreams.

Episode 13 — Best of the Best
It’s the second and final day of The National Arm Wrestling Championships! Donna Purdy, Steph Heroux, Natasha Batt, Evan Bourgoin and brother Adam Bourgoin all have their final reckoning as they face off against the best arm wrestlers in the country.