The Beachcombers | Part 1


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Part 1

Save the Persephone
When an insistent bank official arrives to seize the Persephone because of an outstanding loan payment, a desperate Nick, accompanied by Pat O’Gorman takes off in the boat to buy some time. Relic and the banker take up the chase, aided by a reluctant Con. John, with the dangerous game of hide and seek through the narrow channels leading to an explosion which threatens disaster for all concerned.

Halibut Stu
Singer Valdy plays an eccentric inventor/musician named Halibut Stu who is on a mission to foil the Russian whaling fleet. Two uncoordinated men in dark suits, who have other plans for Stu, pursue him. Nick and John wind up running interference for their old friend while Relic, as usual, has devised a way to make a profit on the situation.

Slice of Red Herring
What happens when a policeman with a passion for the board game ‘Clue’ finds himself in the middle of a mystery with enough clues and suspects for a dozen games. John solves the mystery of Captain Chutney’s disappearance, but not before he chases a few red herrings and finds himself in something of a pickle.

Mystery Tour
Relic has a new money-making scheme which involves offering local tours to visitors. When a marginally royal couple appear and express an interest, Relic borrows a small ferry and coerces Sal and Ceece into assisting him. The ferry runs aground and the troupe becomes stranded on an Island, to the delight of the regal English couple. Relic is not delighted and is desperate to escape, but is surprised by the explosive conclusion to this adventure.

Blue Plate Special
Relic winds up managing Molly’s Reach as the locals try to prevent the sale and bulldozing of their favourite hangout. Little does Nick and Jesse realize that Relic has ulterior motives. After all, with Constable John in the kitchen, what can go wrong?

The Boy and His Dog
When Tommy’s best friend moves away, he finds a good natured substitute in the form of a stray dog named Harry. But the boy’s joy is short lived when a combination of events involving Jesse, Constable John, Nick and Relic result in the necessity for the distraught Tommy to turn Harry over to the SPCA.

One Man’s Dream
A retired Saskatchewan farmer finds an old diary from the Klondike, which speaks of sunken treasure off Gibsons, and packs his pick-up with antique diving gear and heads off to recover the gold, despite his wife’s protests. With Relic and Pat’s help he heads for water deeper than the slough behind his barn, and sinks to more than he expected. The spirits of the long-dead prospectors almost grapple him to a watery grave, but, with Nick’s help he is rescued. The treasure finally brought to the surface is not what was expected.

Fireman’s Ball
While Laurel, Sara and Tommy are left on their own to enter a float in the parade, Constable John’s “Hosers” take on the local volunteer fire department in a knock-down, drag-out water soccer match during Gibson’s exciting Sea Cavalcade celebrations. The contest turns into a high stakes grudge match when Relic shows up as a substitute for one of the fireman.

Loud and Proud
With Nick’s help, Pat O’Gorman builds a homemade racing boat, the ‘Loud and Proud’. In an effort to impress a pretty girl he finds himself in a high stakes race against Relic and his Jet boat and Relic gives no quarter.

Twice the Pleasure
When Constable John finds twin baby girls in a basket in the back of his police cruiser, he enlists Nick and Jesse’s help to find the mother. But also looking for the young woman is her troubled husband.