The Beachcombers | Part 2


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Part 2

Father’s Day
A disturbed young woman claiming she is Nick’s abandoned daughter arrives in Gibsons looking for her father.

Tricky Moves
Jesse, Laurel and Tommy move into the Reach after Molly re-marries and leaves the Gibsons. Jesse generously offers to rent the house-boat to Pat and Jack O’Gorman, but old Jack refuses this charity. The resulting conflict between Jack and Pat threatens to destroy their relationship.

Alekos, a young Greek man, arrives on Nick’s doorstep, hoping for help to find his grandfather. While Alekos is enthusiastic and charming, he and Nick eventually have a difference of opinion and Alekos disappears. After his departure it is learnt the authorities are looking for a Greek ship-jumper. Nick and Sara attempt to save Alekos from deportation while Relic tries to profit from helping the immigration officer find his man.

Unlikely Allies
When Nick attempts to help three tourists with their ailing boat he accidentally discovers they are smuggling drugs. The smugglers steal the Persephone and leave Nick marooned on a small island. Will Relic put aside differences and help Nick escape, retrieve the Persephone and bring the offenders to justice?

Kiss of the Dragon
Nick and Jesse come across “The Dragon,” a storm-battered Chinese junk, and rescue the Captain and his crew of three. Constable John and a Canadian Coast Guard officer suspect the motives of the Chinese sailors, but it is Relic who unwittingly uncovers the newcomers’ secret quest.

Plain Sailing
Sal has organized an exhibition race between the all-woman crew of the PAULINE JOHNSON, and the KANAKA, a new design with an all-male crew. Relic is suspicious of Sal’s interest and discovers an intriguing secret and does his best to scuttle the PAULINE JOHNSON under Sal’s approving eye.

Free Ascent
Pat and Graham take up diving and discover a large wreck, which they hope to salvage. While investigating the old ship, Graham becomes trapped in the hull by a piece of shifting equipment. With his oxygen supply depleted, Graham’s only hope for survival is the quick and heroic action of his best friend.

Beyond the Limit
Pat and Graham have discovered the illicit joys of alcohol. They leave a party with Sara and Elaine for a spin around Keats Island in a borrowed boat. The inevitable happens when they hit a deadhead and the boat sinks, Sara is unconscious, and no one knows where they are.

By the Pricking of My Thumb
A religious cult has set up camp on an island near Gibsons and Pat O’Gorman disappears while visiting friends in Vancouver, only to reappear in the clutches of the cult. Pat’s mind has apparently been wiped clean. Graham too evinces an unhealthy attraction to the cult, and there is nothing at all their friends at the Reach can do about it.

Hurray for Mollywood
Gibsons is transformed into a film set for Molly’s latest novel, “Logjams of Passion”, as all the regulars take on the persona from the book. Only just in time does Nick bring everybody to their senses before the zealous producer destroys the town–including the Reach, the Persephone, and the Chuckchee.