The Beachcombers | Part 3


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Part 3

Disposable People
Inspired by a documentary on Mother Teresa, Sara is moved to bring a ‘bag lady’ named Didee home to live at the Reach. Jesse, Nick, and Laurel are torn between Sara’s generosity and their desire to be relieved of Didee’s unusual lifestyle.

A Long Way Home
Nick and John help the old complainer, Duffy Bringham, locate his son Lorrie whom he has not seen in twenty years. The eventual reunion is strained because Lorrie is still clinging to the 60’s ideals. Although Mo, Lorrie’s long suffering wife, is not taken by her cantankerous father-in-law, a tentative bond is created and Lorrie starts to show signs of growing up. Maybe.

Sunday Drive
Relic, Nick, Jesse, and John go off to view some property that Relic is trying to sell John. Although no one is seriously hurt when the brakes to the police cruiser fail on a treacherous logging road, Relic suffers a slight concussion that has him believing he is six years old that he is back in Wales, and that Nick is his father.

Stars of Wonder
A young couple, fleeing the madness of the Christmas season, is forced to have their baby in the isolated cabin of Doug McCoy. Because the child is premature, it becomes apparent that only a miracle can help the young woman and child. And a miracle does happen, in the unlikely guise of Relic.

Freezer Full of Beef
Jesse wins a contest for which the first prize is a freezer full of beef. He discovers, however, that the beef in question is still very much alive. As Jesse and his friends try to figure a painless way to slaughter the animal, Sara schemes to save the cow.

Silicon Smith and the Wall of Death
A young runaway computer hacker makes some interesting discoveries by which Relic profits. The hacker, although young, is not as boring a Relic thinks; our young hacker also has a profit motive.

Jack O’Gorman is thrown into a prickly situation with Pat when he inherits a warehouse full of memorabilia and junk from an old friend. Jack wishes to keep the place as it is, as a reminder of the past, but Pat wants his grandfather to sell and put the money toward the boat of Pat’s dreams.

Picking up the Pieces
Jenny Haldstrom, a local water skiing champion, suffers a devastating accident that may well leave her permanently paralyzed. The citizens of Gibsons rally round, but the misplaced guilt of Pat and Graham threaten to destroy their relationship with each other, and with Jenny.

Light Touch
Wade Sheffield, a charming musician, sails into Gibsons and into Sara’s life. There is something about him, though, that Nick dislikes. When the local bank is robbed, Nick’s bad feelings intensify. However, convincing John (and especially Sara) proves to be another matter entirely.

A House Divided
When Laurel is offered a job as Band Manager on her old Reserve, unforeseen tensions erupt. If she accepts the job, it would mean leaving Gibsons, and quite possibly Jesse.