The Beachcombers | Part 4


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Part 4

When a beautiful, mysterious, older woman comes to Gibsons and begins to sell her strange artifacts and concoctions, many of the regulars conclude that she is a witch. But Nick is completely enamoured with the woman and rejects any criticism of her until Pat and Graham find a voodoo doll which is obviously meant to be Nick.

The Channel Swimmer
An overprotective yet demanding father brings his daughter to Gibsons to train her as a marathon swimmer. Both father and daughter must reevaluate their relationship when Sara, Pat, and Graham demonstrate their burgeoning independence, and a near-tragic event happens when the daughter must swim to save her father’s life.

Changing Course
Sara must deal with Jesse’s stubborn refusal to see her as an adult when he objects to her leaving Gibsons to attend the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

Stolen Moments
The townsfolk of are concerned about newcomers Cliff and his son, Brandon and their concern escalates when Cliff’s ex-wife appears, claiming that Cliff kidnapped their son. When Brandon suddenly disappears just as a barge, containing extremely hazardous cargo, leaves shore everyone is forced into action.

Dinner For Two
After one too many run-ins with Dana, Relic is banned from the cafĂ© forever. At Nick’s insistence, Dana relents and agrees to allow Relic back in, but only on one condition.

The Wrong Stuff
A challenge is made, honour is at stake and John and Jesse find themselves racing through the wilderness in a battle between state-of-the-art technology and natural instinct.

Lone Wolf
A lucrative log spill turns nasty, and Relic finds himself pinned under a log, injured, with the tide rolling in. Weak and suffering from a case of flu, Relic realizes he has only himself to rely on for survival.

Computer Error
Once again, Relic enlists Jordan ‘Silicon’ Smith’s computer wizardry in locating logs. With Relic continually one step ahead of him, it begins to look like a long, dry summer for Nick, until he decides to fight fire with fire.

Night Flyers
Sam and Tommy get involved in a boy’s club, but when the demands of the gang get too outrageous, Sam manages to turn the tables.

The Gift
In this tribute to George Clutesi, the sudden death of George Douglas has Jesse, Laurel and the regulars feeling the loss. However, Tommy has the most difficulty coming to terms with his grandfather’s death.