The Beachcombers | Part 5


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Part 5

Gibson’s Landing Party
Gibsons is buzzing with activity as the regulars prepare for the First Annual Founding Day Celebrations. Relic seizes the opportunity to show the world what he really thinks of Gibsons when, to the dismay of all, he is unexpectedly made Mayor of the day.

Kelly and Kate
Kelly, a 9-year-old boy, runs away from yet another foster home in search of his missing father. Mary Ross, his social worker, despairs of ever finding a secure placement for him, particularly as Kelly will not be separated from the mischievous Kate, his pet otter. Kelly and Kate wind up in Nick’s temporary custody. Kate runs afoul of Nick, and Kelly runs afoul of Relic before Mary finally finds a solution to the problem.

Mystery of Blubber’s Bay
Someone is dumping toxic waste into the waters and evidence points to Nick and Pat. With the help of John, Nick must clear his name and solve the mysterious fish deaths.

Potters’ Treasure
Dana’s upcoming birthday prompts Sam to seek for a not-yet-found treasure left behind by early Gibsons settlers. The treasure is found but it is not what anyone expected.

Sal is adamant that something be done about the Devil’s Disciples, a group of bikers who have apparently invaded Gibsons. Using the power of print, Sal convinces the townsfolk to close their shop doors to the Disciples. When the bikers find they are effectively cut out of the community, things begin to turn ugly.

Not for Sale
Sara discovers an eccentric artist in Vancouver and brings him back to Gibsons where he rediscovers his creativity.

Club Landromat
Pat comes to Vancouver in order to diversify his interests and play the entrepreneur so he starts a high end Laundromat business called ‘Club Laundromat’. Despite the best efforts of his friends, his investments go awry.

The Syndicate
Nick, John, Jack O’Gorman and even Relic form a syndicate and invest in a racehorse. Jesse is disappointed that his family responsibilities prevent his involvement.

Jenny, Part 1
This is the first of a two part episode that reintroduces the character Jenny, a paraplegic investigative reporter, who strives to get to the bottom of a potential environmental disaster caused by greedy developers.

Jenny, Part 2
The second of a two part episode in which a paraplegic investigative reporter named Jenny tries to prevent an environmental disaster that could be caused by a group of greedy investors.