The Beachcombers | Part 6


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Part 6

Small Craft Warning
Dana is leery about allowing Sam to go off on a little fishing excursion with Tommy. Her alarm increases when a small craft warning is announced.

With the marina sold and the Persephone and Jetboat seized, Nick and the regulars decide the only way to reclaim their boats is to steal them back. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Relic is revealed as the new owner of the marina.

Sticks and Stones
Harsh words leads to an uncomfortable situation when Laurel, Dana, Sam and Tommy wind up stranded on a deserted island.

Hot Stuff
Sam signs up to do some work for Relic and ends up being held hostage by some smugglers.

Outward Bound
Everyone seems happy about Pat’s decision to move to Vancouver, except for Pat who is suddenly having second thoughts. But pride and the belief everyone can’t wait to see him leave prevent Pat from revealing his apprehensions and fears.

The Sechelt Queen
Dana and Relic find themselves pursued on the water by rifle carrying smugglers when what appeared to be a simple delivery job goes very wrong.

Second Growth
Graham organizes logging protests on Putnam Island, then he finds himself battling not only the logging Company but his father as well.

Old Times
Relic’s uncharacteristic, ‘caring’ behaviour of late has the regulars wondering whether they have misjudged him all these years.

Skeletor and Weirdlyworks
Skeletor, Sam’s newly-acquired dog, is already on everyone’s nerves as Sam finds himself endlessly defending the lively little mutt. When Skeletor is seriously injured, Sam alone must decide the little dog’s fate.

Bearish Market
Graham’s unintentional involvement in John’s undercover smuggling operation takes a complicated turn when it’s discovered Ted Blake is somehow connected with the smugglers.

A regular fishing trip for Tommy, Nick and Jesse turns into a nightmare when Nick is kidnapped by crooks intent on escaping to American waters.

Sam wants nothing to do with his cousin, who is visiting as a grudge cricket match is about to be played.

Jack’s determination to visit an old flame has the regulars duly concerned; Constance Bourne has been dead for ten years! And events become even more bizarre when Pat finds an invitation to Jack from Constance herself.

Ghost Story
Dana’s positive she saw something in the Reach that, according to Jack, was ‘The Ghost of Captain Stubbs’. But when Dana learns the regulars have fooled her with a childish ghost story, she decides it’s time for the Captain himself to make an appearance.