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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Three years after a horrific shark attack tore Zoe and Dan apart, the detectives and ex-lovers are reunited to solve the murder of a woman who went missing years earlier, while a serial killer is lurking hidden in plain sight

Episode 2
As Zoe and Dan investigate a savage murder with hundreds of potential suspects, Stephen demonstrates that he is willing to go to any length to have Amber.

Episode 3
As Zoe and Dan investigate the murder of a predator, Stephen interferes with evidence to prove his abilities as a detective with dire consequences.

Episode 4

A horrific murder puts Zoe and Dan in a race against the clock to stop the killer striking again, while Amber attempts to play matchmaker and puts Claire in Stephen’s sights.

Episode 5
Zoe and Dan’s investigation into the brutal murder of an affluent couple uncovers suspects that are all pointing fingers at each other, and Stephen’s big play triggers the launch of the serial murder Strike Force.

Episode 6
A man is found floating in a sea pool with the case resonating profoundly for Zoe and Dan, while the serial murder investigation gets too close to Stephen forcing him into making a devastating move

Episode 7

A young woman rescued from the surf mysteriously dies moments later, drawing Zoe and Dan into an intriguing homicide investigation, just as the serial case is thrown into chaos when Pia’s body turns up and all the evidence points to Dan.

Episode 8
Time is running out for Dan to prove his innocence as evidence continues to mount against him, but when Stephen is finally unmasked, several lives will hang in the balance.