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About Blackstone

Blackstone First Nation are trying to rebuild their community after the fire. Manipulative and tormented Andy faces his demons in the Remand while trying to elude a murder charge. Leona searches for two missing youth when rumours arise they may be involved in an underground human trafficking circle in the city. Gail continues to be haunted by the stabbing, the death of her child, and past mistakes. As newly appointed Chief, Victor feels the pressure of leading the reserve, while attempting to achieve financial stability for Blackstone. Daryl begins a new relationship with a connected loan shark, which becomes threatened after an unexpected betrayal.

In Blackstone Season 5 there is hope in the midst of adversity as the Blackstone First Nation strive toward a better life by building a stronger community. Panicked and grief-stricken, the Stoneys fight for the authorities to expand the search effort for Wendy. Meanwhile, Chief Victor is MIA and the lack of leadership has left the Blackstone community struggling. Andy tries to work his usual channels to stay out of jail while attempting to re-establish himself as Chief. Leona gets close to a girl in the foster care system, but is left seeking justice when tragedy strikes. A sober Gail searches for a new identity and a new path while coping with Wilma’s failing health. Smokey moves back to Blackstone to serve the community and Daryl makes a life altering decision after a business deal pulls him and Gina deeper into a criminal world.