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Chefs Run Wild

Three Canadian Chefs travel to across Asia in search for the most traditional regional dishes around. While they’re at it, they learn that food brings people and cultures together. Because of their quest they meet the most amazing people, have the most amazing adventures and experience the cultures first hand which the average backpacker rarely see.

Meet The Chefs

Lyndon Wiebe
Lyndon was born and bred in Winnipeg before moving to Calgary in 1994.
After graduating from the Culinary Arts program at S.A.I.T. in Calgary he decided to combine the two things he loved most. After years of cooking and traveling Lyndon joined forces with Clayton and Chad and all three chefs embarked on the trip of a lifetime. In documenting their six months of travel across Southeast Asia on a budget of just $30 a day, they created the adrenaline-fuelled culinary and cultural travelogue Chefs Run Wild.

Chad Klyne
Chad is originally from Winnipeg but has spent years travelling to over 30 countries while working as a chef. He has worked in kitchens from restaurants to hotels as well as a chef instructor in a hospitality academy in Auckland, N.Z. While Chefs Run Wild was his third trip travelling across Asia, it’s definitely not the last.

Clayton Klyne
Clayton will always remember his culinary instructor at SAIT Professional Cooking College in Calgary, Canada saying, “Once you become a qualified chef, you can work anywhere in the world you choose.” Clayton did just that, and hasn’t looked back since. He has had the opportunity to work in cities around the world and has also travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe, on a mission to learn their regional cuisine.