Season 2 | Cleverman


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Revival
Koen is reborn and stronger than ever. His mission, to bring together the Zoners who have scattered across the City.

Episode 2 — Bindawu
Waruu takes a position in government for the Inclusion Initiative. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Waruu, Slade is perfecting work on a substance that could destroy Koen. Koen vows to do all he can to help the Hairies.

Episode 3 — Dark Clouds
Koen grows in power and understanding after spending time with Uncle Jimmy, while Waruu encounters a dangerous new creature and is led by an old story to a substance that may be able to vanquish the Cleverman.

Episode 4 — Muya
Koen fears his powers are diminishing; Darana is appalled by Jarli’s actions; and Waruu uncovers vital information about the nulla nulla. Koen confronts Linda about the dark secret from their past.

Episode 5 — Skin
Koen is ready to destroy Waruu’s facility and the cultural genocide it stands for. Waruu is not worried as he believes he has a very special weapon. Meanwhile, Slade has Waruu’s hair DNA tested and is stunned by the results.

Episode 6 — Borrowed Time
Jarli takes action in the city, testing allegiances and pitting the brothers in a battle to the death for the title of Cleverman, with Waruu possessing the one thing that can destroy Koen.