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Episode Guide

Season 4

Episode 1 — Makoop Lake
In the season opener, Joe finds himself on Makoop Lake south of Bearskin staying at the local lodge famous for it’s trophy fishing. Catching Northern he gets himself “caught” up in his line but in the end he gets the last laugh with the two largest fish caught all season, so large they straighten his jig out.

Episode 2 — Lake Superior Small Boat
Joe finds himself on Lake Superior in a small boat with Captain Archie. The day is long and the sun is beautiful as he learns about the proper fishing techniques on a smaller boat. Waiting for fish becomes a job unto itself and as Joe finally hits a Salmon, the whole day becomes worthwhile in seeing the unique filets that come off a great lakes Salmon.

Episode 3 — Vermilion Bay
Netting on Vermilion Bay in the rain, Joe and Al have no luck with the weather but get their fill of white fish and Lake Trout. Day two finds them setting more nets as a storm rolls in, working quickly in chilly weather they prepare their fish supplies for a smoker they intend to make. Joe finds out that netting on the big bay isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Episode 4 — The Smoker
When Al decides to share how to make a hot smoker for fish, he enlists Joe’s help. After convincing his good friend to toil in a cold forest for a full day, they go step by step into one of the secrets of how natives from across Canada prepared their food for storage. In the end, the fish comes out like “magic.”

Episode 5 — Lake Superior Big Boat
Back in Lake Superior, Joe finds a new friend in an intimidating new boat with equipment he’s never used before. Pulling up to the toes of Nanaboozhoo or what Thunder Bay citizens simply call the sleeping giant he finally has some luck and gets some eats for later. The waters are rough but the fishing is as beautiful as the landscape.

Episode 6 — Webster Bay
After tying off on a medicine tree, the boys discuss traditional netting locations on Lost Lake. Joe shows off his knowledge of netting and hits it big with his reel while poor Al’s crawdad only takes in the small guys. Al also introduces Joe to the famous “Stickerel.” In the end with their nets filled, nighttime swoops in as they rush to clean their catch.

Episode 7 — Makoop #2
Joe has rarely seen fishing like at Makoop Lake, a trophy fishing lake that doesn’t stop giving up it’s biggest fish from the moment you step on the boat. The lodge owner brings him to his top-secret spots and they proceed to find a good meal for themselves when suddenly Joe’s dream of a 40 inch Northern comes true.

Episode 8 — Lac Seul Fish Derby
When the children need money for their community, Joe and Al step up and pay their entry fees to join the local fish derby. Early in the morning, Al runs into a bit of trouble with the locals but as the day passes they begin to get some luck and may actually have a real chance to win. With their reputations on the line they fight to get on top.

Episode 9 — Makoop Original
Joe decides he’s going to give a tobacco teaching to the viewers, and after that, it’s time for some Walleye fishing. Richard Moskotaywenene of local Makoop Lodge joins him for the day while they explore some sandbars, the fishing is so intense that fish are literally flying off their hooks, after a few great fights it’s time for a great lodge supper at the end of the day.

Episode 10 — Ice Net
In a unique and heartfelt episode, Joe decides he is going to teach all his viewers about an ancient Anishinawbek custom. For thousands of years this is how his people survived during the harsh northern winters and with a handful of family members, fresh mitts and a new lake he’s never been on, he introduces ice netting to the “people.”

Episode 11 — Sachigo Ice Derby
Sachigo Lake’s Ice Derbies became renowned in the North for their prizes including SUVs and new trucks; Joe takes a trip up to see if they’re as big as the rumors. With a pair of long johns and some minnows packed up, he meets the organizers and throws his hat in the ring. Will Joe win a new vehicle or just lose a couple minnows in ice-cold water.

Episode 12 — Sachigo Ice Derby Special
After a long fish derby, Joe is invited to spend the day at one of the Sachigo Lake First Nations secret fishing holes. With a friendly OPP officer and the “commissioners” of the Ice Derby watching his back, what could go wrong? When Joe almost loses his cameraman and catches the only Whitefish the community has seen all winter, will he stay the whole day?

Episode 13 — Vermilion Lake Trout
In the season finale, the boys decide to hit Vermilion Lake for Lake Trout. Al pilots them through all kinds of rough waters but has to be vigilant with the constant wind blowing over the lake. An eagle flying over them guides them to fishing holes and Joe takes full advantage of it. Al spends the day trying to come out on top but Joe ensures it’s not going to be easy.