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Episode Guide

Episode 1 The Suit
When Delmer borrows a suit for the local TV awards, his personality begins to take on a side that Marta has never seen.

Episode 2 Cooking from Scratch
Delmer and Marta get a shiny new couch. Creston gets nervous when Marta invites Delmer to do a traditional cooking segment with the Mayor.

Episode 3 Lisa’s Leaving
Delmer goes bra shopping for Marta. Lisa is offered a big job at another station, while Chad gets confidence coaching from Delmer.

Episode 4 The Band
Delmer and Tom start a band and the entire station gets involved. Can the band survive Creston’s dictator-style management? And can Marta survive the late night practices in her living room?

Episode 5 What The Truck
On the anniversary of Marta joining the TV station, the gang reminisces about the fateful events that led Delmer and Marta to Morningside. And why is there a truck and tornado on the anniversary cake?

Episode 6 Morning Days
Delmer tries desperately to impress Marta’s visiting mother and Keltie runs into her estranged “carnie” father at the local fair.

Episode 7 Tag Team
Delmer and Tom become a secret wrestling tag team, while Marta and the news team set out to expose wrestling as fake.

Episode 8 The Retreat
The Good Morning Morningside team are forced to attend an overnight teambuilding retreat, but when Creston takes over coaching, they decide to work together to escape instead.