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It’s the exclusive Delmer & Marta webseries from their YouTube channel. This 12-part sneak peek is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon and don’t miss the premiere broadcast of Delmer & Marta coming to APTN in 2016.

Things become uncomfortable for Delmer and Marta when their old couch is on its last legs. It becomes even more stressful when Marta tries to involve Delmer in her career.

When Good Morning Morningside anchor Lisa Irons announces she’s leaving, her tributes aren’t exactly as she envisioned. Meanwhile Delmer struggles to give Marta the support she needs.

Marta catches her big break when she and Delmer are interviewed after losing their truck in a tornado.

Marta gets some “Marta time” when Delmer joins a garage band along with the crew from Good Morning Morningside. But things quickly go south when Creston takes control of the band.