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Season 1

Episode 1 – Pop Star
Mary dreams of seeing her name in bright lights as a world famous pop star. She is on the right track with singing lessons, and she’s already created a catchy pop song! To learn more about her dream career, she will travel to The Indspire Awards in Winnipeg to meet award-winning Aboriginal singer-songwriter, Inez Jasper. Inez is performing live at the awards ceremony, and Mary gets to join in for rehearsals and experience the backstage prep for the big show!

Episode 2 – Cartoon Voice Actor
Kiana’s love of cartoons has inspired her dream career: she wants to be a voice actor who brings cartoon characters to life. She will travel to Toronto to participate in a recording session for the cartoon show “ARTHUR”, one of her favourite shows when she was young. Arthur actress Melissa Altro, who has also brought characters like Pippi Longstocking to life, will take Kiana under her wing and coach her through her very first voice gig.

Episode 3 – Casting Director
Jaiden loves everything to do with movies and dreams of becoming a casting director. As an actor herself, she knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera, but today she will work on the other side. She will travel to Montreal to work with Vera Miller, a casting director with over 25 years of experience who runs her own company, Elite Casting. Today, actors will audition for a new TV show and Jaiden will assist Vera every step of the way!

Episode 4 – Actor
Hollywood, here she comes! Watewennenhawitha’s big dream is to become a famous movie star. She has already nabbed some small film roles, and regularly performs in her community theatre’s productions. Today, she visits the set of a new television show Mohawk Girls to learn more from accomplished actress, Jenny Pudavik, who is one of the show’s stars.

Episode 5 – Filmmaker
Kakwite:ne dreams of a career as a big time filmmaker. She’s already made short films at home with her friends. To learn more about what it takes to go all the way, Kakwite:ne works with award-winning filmmaker Tracey Deer on the set of the television show Mohawk Girls. Kakwite:ne even flexes her own director muscles when she helps direct a scene!

Episode 6 – Baker
Meadow’s dream is to run her very own bakeshop as a world-famous baker. She already practices in her own kitchen, creating delicious cupcakes for everyone she knows and perfecting her own recipes. To learn what it takes to succeed in sweet treats, Meadow spends the day at Leche Desserts in Montreal with bakeshop owner Josie Weitzenbauer, whose specialty is making homemade, yummy doughnuts.

Episode 7 – Doctor
Tonya-Leah is passionate about helping people so her dream is to become a doctor. But not just any doctor, she wants to become a dermatologist, which is a doctor who specializes in all aspects of our skin. She’s studied hard since she was five year old to make her dreams come true, and today, she gets to walk in a dermatologist’s shoes with Dr. Melinda Gooderham at her successful dermatology clinic in Peterborough, Ontario.

Episode 8 – Teacher
Raina’s love of theatre and working with kids have come together to inspire her dream career; she wants to be a drama teacher. She visits John Abbott College’s Theatre Department in Montreal. Raina learns how to interact with students, and just how much goes into a show, from drama teacher Tracy Leigh, who is also a graduate of the school’s theatre program.

Episode 9 – Hockey Goalie
When Holden dreams, he dreams big; he wants to be drafted as a world-class goalie to the National Hockey League. Today, he travels to Sherbrooke, Quebec to train with the players of a Quebec Major Junior Hockey team, the Sherbrooke Phoenix. Holden hits the ice to learn what it takes to make it, one step at a time, to the big leagues.

Episode 10 – Photographer
Aliya has always been drawn to the visual arts, and that passion has led to her big dream; she wants to be a photographer. Today she travels to Montreal to visit a bustling studio to learn from Vera Varley, a professional photographer on a big fashion shoot. Aliya will apply everything she’s learned by the end of the day when it’s her turn to pick up the camera.

Episode 11 – Lacrosse Player
Trey has loved the game of lacrosse since he was two years old, so he is determined to be a professional lacrosse player when he grows up. He’s worked hard on his game for the past eight years, and today, he gets some tips from a real pro: Major League Lacrosse Player Miles Thompson, who plays for New York State’s Rochester Rattlers.

Episode 12 – Comic Book Artist
Kawehnoke’s love of comic book super heroes has inspired his dream career: he wants to create and draw his very own comics. He has already created some original characters, complete with their own storylines, but he wants to learn more. Kawehnoke develops his skills with the help of two comic book artists; Thomas Deer, a colourist for the Transformers comic book series, and Walter Scott who has found success with his own comics.

Episode 13 – Paleontologist
Tekaronhianeken has dreamed of digging up dinosaurs since he was 7 years old. The now 13-year-old, from the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, already knows a lot about the prehistoric creatures, but is eager to learn more about how to make it his career. Today, Tekaronhianeken gets a VIP pass into McGill University’s Redpath Museum, to visit with a real life Dino explorer, palaeontologist Dr. Hans Larsson, where he’ll learn what it takes to achieve his dream; and maybe one day discover his very own dinosaur out in the field.