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About First Talk

Season Four celebrates ‘Healing & Laughter’. While we are keeping such popular segments as ‘Talking Stick’ (View Panel Discussion), ‘The Best of YouTube’ (Best Indigenous YouTube Videos) and ‘Mother Earth’ (Environmental Segments), we are adding Indigenous contribution bumpers and health and environmental factoids. We also plan to highlight new dietary, fitness and wellness trends. Season Four will feature leading experts in a variety of fields and will continue to be upbeat and fast-paced. ‘First Talk’ also dedicates itself to addressing environmental issues that impact our world. Through discussion and education, we hope to stimulate positive change in people’s lives and with our planet.

Our mission is to expand our demographic, cover new topics, identify effective solutions, and deliver a program that is both compelling and relevant. ‘First Talk’ will expand its reach and impact by forming new partnerships that propel the healing component of the show to the forefront. As a microcosm of the Aboriginal community, ‘First Talk’ is centered around investigations of cutting-edge social and cultural issues that we believe will not only inspire and energize viewers by serve as emotional catharses that lead to social and personal change.