Season 4 | First Talk


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Season 4

Episode 1
Getting Ready for the Camera
Diet Hacks
Makeover Insanity
Episode 2
Native Code of Ethics
Are You Co-dependent?
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 3
Native Code of Ethics
30-Minute Meals
Native and New
Episode 4
Declutter and Live in Joy
Getting to Pride
Small Ceremonies
Episode 5
Are You Colonized?
What You Can Do for Mother Earth
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 6
Are You Too Jealous?
Busy Mom Hacks
Episode 7
First Fashion Trends
Emerging Benefits of Fasting
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 8
Ten Signs of a Self-Destructive Person
From Fear To Action
Episode 9
A Sit-Down With Nayla Carpentier
Happiness Prescription
The Best of NDN YouTube
Episode 10
Five Simple Changes to Help You Lose 20 Pounds
Makeover Moms
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 11
Frugally Fabulous
Shortcut Life Hacks
Talking Stick
Episode 12
The Truth About Sugar
Day-to-Night Make-Up
Talking Stick
Episode 13
Buying the Right Bra
30-Minute Meal
Parenting 101-Boundaries
Episode 14
Youth Suicide
Meditation and Racism
Native Views on Suicide
Episode 15
Make Your Own Cleaning Products
Creative Native Flashback
Planet Fix
Episode 16
Hidden Pain – Part I: Residential Schools and Their Legacy
Hidden Pain – Part II: Residential Schools – Surviving and Healing
Hidden Pain – Part III: Residential Schools – What Comes Next?
Episode 17
How Colonized Are You?
Healthy Meals for Kids
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 18
Early Childhood Education
The Best of Youtube
Minimalism and Native Life
Episode 19
Diabetes-Friendly Desserts
Attachment and Bonding
Gratitude: The Many Wonders
Episode 20
Diet Hacks
New NDN Music
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 21
Native Poverty
Creative Native Flashback
Neurotherapy Miracle Focus Fix
Episode 22
New Fashion Trends
Bee Friendly
Our World at War
Episode 23
Makeover Moms
Technological Diet Hacks
Episode 24
30-Minute Meal
Parenting 101
Letting Go of the Bad
Episode 25
Single Mom Savior Guide
30-Minute Meal
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 26
Traditional NDN Meals
Diabetic Intermittent Fasting
Episode 27
Parenting 101
Top Ten Pow Wows
Talking Stick Discussion
Episode 28
Organize Your Life
Memory Reboot
The Truth About Self-Esteem
Episode 29
Financial Fitness
Back Pain Relief
New and Native
Episode 30
Recovering from Racism
Turning Back The Clock With Dr. Beig
Who’s An Elder?
Episode 31
Confidence Boost
Stop the Negative Chatter
Tapping and Trauma Override
Episode 32
Better Sleep with Dr. Verma
New Beauty
Financial Blessings
Episode 33
Getting Rid of Hate
Home Spa
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Episode 34
Ho’ooonopono Restoration
Successful Co-parenting
Protection Prayer
Episode 35
Be Happy and Live
Small Savings
Business Start-Up