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Season 5

Episode 1
Welcome to FT season 5 an intro to this season's TS subjects and the panel that will engage in intriguing conversations, then a vivid look at BLM/ILM followed by TS panel discussion on the topic, followed by a video on Indigenous Lives Matter and Racism.
Episode 2
An exploration into Indigenous learning styles, then learn how to build up your immune system episode, then protest T-shirts and how to make a statement.
Episode 3
Dating stories and ideas that will keep you interested then how to stay fit during these days of working at home or at the office; a creative and crafty way to health and sanitize.
Episode 4
A discussion on lateral violence that we can encounter anywhere, at work at school, and how to deal with it, then a shining and blingy creative craft that will brighten your day, followed by an informative demonstration on the food we eat and pain.
Episode 5
An exploration in the cougar within, who is she? Followed by tips and tricks to Indigenize your style to stand out in the crowd; then let's turn back the clock to a youthful look."
Episode 6
Bring on the hair, long beautiful hair and let's explore the history and meaning behind it. Followed by harmony, the world is so tough and how can we all get along? Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur, we love kittens.
Episode 7
It’s the rage and becoming a common activity for explicit texting and photographs to fly around the web. Followed by meditation and bringing peace into your life. The new native musicians doing great music.
Episode 8
Many Indigenous tribes are led by matriarchal women and they are honoured as the keepers of cultural wisdom and knowledge. Crafting is always a fun way to add those special touches to your home decor here’s a great idea. Shape up with beyond girdles.
Episode 9
Opening up to love or get a bee sting? This is sometimes how people can feel with the world of being single and the dating scene. Then peace and meditation in a garden at home that you can make.
Episode 10
We are all unique and come in different shapes, sizes and colours and that’s what makes the world interesting. Relationships are they romantic or horrific, find out about yours. Then let's breath and relax.
Episode 11
Many Indigenous people are battling the effects of the past and the suffering of residential schools, getting past this barrier leads to healing for the nation. Then discovering your purpose.
Episode 12
We are not made to be alone not only for the young but for those who are older too but dating? Then from shaggy mullet to sleek and charming a makeover to encourage. The kitchen is a scurry of dishing it up in a his or her challenge.
Episode 13
Social structures are what keeps the community and cultures together for future generations, can we afford to change? Matted and unhappy, Fuzzy Cuts to the rescue. Are your foods killing you or are you benefiting from what you eat?
Episode 14
Hate goes all the way back to Genesis it is something that mankind is continually challenged with and it's always readily available to dish out. Turning it around and looking at the depth of what is really behind hate.
Episode 15
There are many health issues that we are faced with and the Indigenous community also has a wide selection of illnesses, some genetic and some environmental. It's amazingly good and fantastic to the pallet, easy to make and a crowd pleaser.
Episode 16
The world is overcrowding and we all need to eat but at what cost to the future of the planet. Then Elder wisdom that we all need to know. Plastic is killing the oceans and the air so what can we do about it?
Episode 17
The times are changing. People have had enough of standing on the sidelines and just taking it, no more! Fear of repercussion holds many back from stepping out to be their authentic selves and standing up for their rights.
Episode 18
Families are woven together with new moms or new dads and how does it all work together? Workouts are so beneficial and keeping that core strong will give you stamina for the days ahead. Then to tan or not to tan? Keep your skin healthy or not.
Episode 19
Lifting off the veil and exposing sexual predation is the step that takes bravery and support a look into the Me too movement. Indigenizing your style is the focus and how to do it on a budget that looks expensive.
Episode 20
Around the world Indigenous people are carving inroads to being noticed and heard by governments and policy makers. This is good for the countries and good for the Indigenous peoples to be recognized as people with purpose and value.
Episode 21
A look at self, love and the future of us all. Does love exist? Will Mother Earth continue to provide for us and for how long? Human action is taking a toll on everything and can we control the outcome.
Episode 22
Valued treasures, our children and providing for them through all adversity can be challenging but most rewarding. Jewel cake and most beautifully decorated it's a fine art that is totally edible.
Episode 23
We all have a colour, light dark in everything in between does that make up who you are fully. Also a change in image can make all the difference in how you feel. What colour are your feathers?
Episode 24
We like to think we are not judgmental but are we really a closer look at relationships. Fuzzy wuzzy was a mop or a dog, find out. Web dating yikes! What to look for and what to run from.
Episode 25
The world of acceptance has changed and we find ourselves in a new way of seeing others and their choices. Make your space more liveable and organized with an easy to do 2-day office makeover.
Episode 26
Politics, Indigenous rights, the planet are all a part of this conversation and it’s ongoing. Feel like Indigenizing, lets see what we can do about that today. Tattooing is such a political statement and art form that can be awesome.
Episode 27
Fostering, adopting and just abandoning children is the focus. More children are in these situations than there were in Residential schools and they are waiting for intervention. Foods you eat that affect how you look.
Episode 28
Transitioning from the rez to the city can destroy a person or make them this is the journey. Covid on the Navajo, a nation in crisis. What is the medical mystery of your gut?
Episode 29
Let's face it we all worry about it, how people feel or think about us. Especially when you are younger and not certain about yourself. Then when you lose your memory, how can it be prevented. Nice hair and good products go together.
Episode 30
Getting into the business world, making money employing others is the topic of Indigenous business. Staying fit while enjoying culture is a fun way to keep you strong. To eat or not to eat when to eat and when not to for your overall health.
Episode 31
Memories of things that happened and having fun remembering and telling the stories. Get fit, get running but don't hurt yourself doing it. Creepy or cute reptiles are interesting either way.
Episode 32
Culture and language can one be without the other? Fat or no fat, what's it all about and what you need to know. Happiness is your choice and how to turn it on.
Episode 33
A challenge that will intrigue you and possibly change the Canadian and global perspective on Indigenous people and history. Earrings that have a purpose and make a powerful statement. Oil that kills viruses and Indigenous people have used it for centuries.
Episode 34
Prospering on culture by exploiting it to the unsuspecting for money. Time for a break, pressures are building and clear thinking just isn't happening what to do. Let's talk to the Chief and hear what she has to say.
Episode 35
Those the community hold high sometimes have hidden skeletons that are held at bay by fear and intimidation. A great meal alternative for the non meat eaters and those that appreciate good food. Like a fish out of water dating can take courage to venture into.