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Season 6

Episode 1 – Pretendians
Tamara welcomes us into our sixth season of First Talk. Bell and the special guest hosts discuss "Pretendians" and after we learn of 10 major foods to avoid.
Episode 2 – It's Never Too Late
Turn retire into refire, it's never too late to fulfill your passionate dreams, then tips on how to care for your skin
Episode 3 – Crabs In A Bucket
Overcoming historical patterns and stop the "Crabs in a Bucket" syndrome. Lightened up with a few TikTok laughs then what we need to know about aromatherapy.
Episode 4 – Dating Different
Is dating native really different? We talk about what kind of native you might be, how it could affect your relationships, and take a look at some exotic creepy crawlers.
Episode 5 – Be An Ally
What does it take and how can you be an ally to indigenous people? Later we close the show with a nation versus nation hatchet throwing contest
Episode 6 – Assimilation Nation
A look at some hilarious TikToks then Native parenting styles followed by Smoke Signals a walk and talk into the community and their stories
Episode 7 – Stop Apologizing
What is "Sorry Syndrome"? Learn how to break the urge of over-apologizing; then the common misconceptions about native people followed by trending Indigenous fashions.
Episode 8 – Hollywood Indigenous
An energetic discussion "the Hollywood Indian" and the relationship between Hollywood and Indigenous people; then softening the episode with Fuzzy Wuzzy Kittens
Episode 9 – Beauty Standards
We dive deep into the history of beauty standards and how much they have changed throughout the years; then a look into traditional Dene practices around the art of life planning.
Episode 10 – Cost Of Being Girl
What is really the cost of being a girl and what does it take to empower women; then two chefs battle it out showing off out of the box Savory Bannock ideas.
Episode 11 – Legacy love and Healing
Is intergenerational trauma real and can it be affecting you? The legacy of healing and love, then a look at some denim fashion trends.
Episode 12 – Talking To Us
A discussion on what not to say to Indigenous people then a look into the Dene traditional view of bullying followed by wild raptors, birds of prey
Episode 13 – Subtle Discrimation
Gender diversity and all things 2-spirited; then a fast makeover through and upgrading clothing to indigenize your style
Episode 14 – Denial
How are we living in denial in today’s environment? A walk-through healing and Neurofeedback then Upcycling explained and encouraged.
Episode 15 – Reconcili-action
How can Canadians reconcile with First Nations? Plus, seven things that will make you happy and then a fun filled tribal challenge of archery who will win.
Episode 16 – Say Something
Toxic patriarchy, what is it, what are the effects and how to move forward. Then learn how to make a delicious healthy smoothy.
Episode 17 – A Dangerous World
Raising Native children in a dangerous world, what needs to change, Smoke Signals a walk and talk into the community then a cat that dances
Episode 18 – The Nod
The Native nod, what is it and the significance, what is the link between insulin and weight loss. Then the chefs battle it out, with a sweet bannock that will amaze and inspire.
Episode 19 – My Mental Health
What's going on with our mental health and what should we be doing about it? Then Up the River Baking takes a traditional slant on Native cookies
Episode 20 – You Changing
How do you play a part in changing the world? Then 10 reasons to workout followed by an amazing transformation through making better food choices
Episode 21 – Time Out to Laugh
Viewing hilarious Indigenous TikTok Videos followed by Metis artis performing the song "George"
Episode 22 – Native Businesses
A talk about how to support indigenous businesses, then a presentation of Indigenous entrepreneurs and the success of their companies followed by how to make our own 7 generation vision board.
Episode 23 – Bannock Love
We discuss all things about bannock and how to take your bannock a step further. Then the benefits of vitamin and mineral IV drips
Episode 24 – Shading Strong Women
Strong women and their backlash in today’s world, then Native fusion, buffalo salad simple to make, delicious and inspiring.
Episode 25 – Gossip No More
The best Native videos and a traditional view of gossiping. Special guest demonstrates the latest make-up trends
Episode 26 – Achieve and Empower
Some of the biggest Native achievements brought to light, and how to empower women then we take a look at some exquisite west coast art finger nails.
Episode 27– Who Are We
What does it mean to be Indigenous? We take a look into the “Every Child Matters” movement including the Commercial Drive mural painting then how to make some unique snagging juice.
Episode 28 – Canadians Don't Get It
What is the Indian Act and how we still don't know everything about it? Plus, what's next for Indigenous People?
Episode 29 – Psychic Reading
Some funny memes and TikToks, a psychic reading that will bring tears to your eyes, then a 10-minute workout you can do anywhere.
Episode 30 – Residential School
A discussion on the realities of residential school. The reality of residential schools’ effects on the Indigenous community and how we can start to heal from it
Episode 31 – The Wall
What happens when you "hit the wall" then, how we can overcome burnout and what to do when you hit the wall followed by how to make sweetgrass tea.
Episode 32 – Best NDN Tik Toc
Some of the best NDN TikTok videos, then a professional discussion on mental health followed by advice for chronic singles with dating fatigue.
Episode 33 – Lifes Emotional Hacks
What are some of life’s emotional hacks? Special guest takes us through sacred woman lodge medicine cards and how to make MMIWG memorial red dress banners.
Episode 34 – Books Banned
Should some movies and books be banned in today’s world? A walk-through direct neurofeedback for youth and a fun time making your favorite Indigenous Movie Night snacks.
Episode 35 – Native Tic Tok
We take a look at some of the funniest Native TikTok videos; then a look at the effects of small acts of kindness followed by a traditional Dene view of greed.