Hard Rock Medical | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 Q and Eh?
What does it take to be a medical student at Borealis College of Medicine? A very large group of hopeful students descend upon Northern Ontario for a grueling interview process in. Only eight of the best will make the final cut.

Episode 2 Trial by Fire
It’s the first day of med school and the students are eager to get started, until the realities of anatomy class are revealed. As students meet the cadavers they will get up close and personal with over the coming year, Gina considers dropping out, and Charlie is having a hard time concentrating with family business on his mind.

Episode 3 The Hunt
When students are introduced to a traditional moose hunt, things get a little wild as Gary and Farida’s beliefs begin to clash.

Episode 4 Clinic in Motion
Melanie oversteps her authority when she believes a patient of the medical clinic is being abused by a family member. Melanie tries to put her lawyer instincts behind her in order to be professional and follow necessary protocol of the medical field.

Episode 5 Lifeline
Many of the students encounter difficult medical conditions. While visiting an elderly patient with dementia, Gina meets a man who claims to be the patient’s grandson in need of money. Not buying into the story, Gina has a flashback remembering the man’s face during a robbery she witnessed.

Episode 6 Love, Labour, Loss
Gary and Cameron join Dr. Helvi to deliver a baby in a small country home. In an effort to speed up the process, the patient goes for a quad ride and ends up in full blown labour on an off the beaten path road. Gina receives a letter stating that her tuition is over-due, but is unsure how she will pay for it.

Episode 7 Down Under
It gets dirty down under when the students sink 5000 feet underground in an effort to understand the life and potential health hazards that many in the community face every day when they go to work in the mine. While there, Charlie finds himself desperately trying to save the life of one of the miners. Meanwhile Gina continues with her part time job as a model to help pay for her tuition but when an unexpected classmate shows up, Gina is caught literally with her pants down.

Episode 8 Rock and a Hard Place
Charlie goes into a deep depression after he was unable to save a miner. Gina learns a mystery person has paid her tuition in full and is upset by the possible repercussions. Dr. Helvi deals with a unique situation when a miner comes to the medical clinic against his will, after being accused of swallowing diamonds.

Episode 9 — Gratitude
Charlie continues to struggle emotionally and blame himself when he was unable to save a miner from a heart attack, despite every desperate attempt. When Nancy decides to host some of the students for a Thanksgiving dinner, spontaneous bonding occurs.

Episode 10 Woop Woop
It’s all about learning survival skills and some things you can’t quite plan for! When Healy takes a group of students and heads into the Northern bush Charlie finds himself held at gunpoint. There is only one demand for Charlie to be able to get out of this situation; to perform a delicate surgery.

Episode 11 Other Side of the Fence
Gary returns to Australia after he is summoned by his adoptive parents because his Grandmother is ill. When he arrives her realizes he was lied to. Gary’s biological grandmother, whom he has never had contact with, has asked to see him on her deathbed. He must decide if he is ready to be introduced to his Aboriginal family for the first time, or if he will flee back to medical school.

Episode 12 Face Off
While Gina faces the possibility of having to come face to face with Juliet, rumours swirl about the possible relationship between Nancy and Dr. Healy. Upon Gary’s return from his homeland Australia, he grows closer to Eva, leaving them both in a surprising situation.

Episode 13 Diamonds and Dust
Gina plans to return the memory diamonds back to the earth. The catch is she must find a way to secretly bury the diamonds with Romeo and Juliet’s ashes. The plan is in place and things are going smoothly until the jewels get swallowed up by an unexpected guest.