Hard Rock Medical | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 Trouble
With school on hiatus, the students pursue personal interests – but the break is anything but quiet. Trouble lurks as Charlie and Gina search for the missing diamonds, Farida tries to shake off her past, and Dr. Healy and Nancy appear to be on a self-destructive journey.

Episode 2 Tent City
Half the class visits a “tent city” on the outskirts of Sudbury where they endeavour to help a host of people living in a makeshift shanty town. From a pregnant intravenous drug-user to a man stuck with porcupine quills, the students do what they can to help. Charlie finds financial relief (or so he thinks), and Melanie comes face-to-face with the man she wrongfully accused. Dr. Helvi tries to prevent Dr. Healy from descending further into a personal hell.

Episode 3 Prison Confidential
Charlie’s unauthorized prescription to a prisoner puts both he and Farida in jeopardy, Melanie is intrigued by an inmate’s cannabis cure for White Hand Syndrome; Eva and Gary have a confrontation with a racist police officer and Dr. Cardinal rekindles an old friendship, all while trying to talk Dr. Healy through a recurring nightmare.

Episode 4 Big Fish
Gary and Cameron find themselves “trapped” at a fly-in only camp with television fishing show icon, Sam Pisano. Charlie tries to make good on a promise to a prison inmate, while Melanie tries to patch things up with a miner she wrongly accused, and Gina learns something about Dr. Dallaire’s personal history with Dr. Healy.

Episode 5 Tree of Life
During a Tornado disaster simulation in an isolated campground, Dr. Helvi’s patience is tested by both the students, the role playing actor’s and a “real” casualty that turns up with unusual symptoms. Charlie and Farida help out a victim of a roadside accident, and while attending to her ex-husband who is in a coma, Nancy gets a surprise visitor.

Episode 6 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Melanie and Gina try to help a wheelchair-bound octogenarian through a suicidal crisis. Charlie tries to make good on a promise to an inmate but gets inadvertently drawn into a financial mess. Nancy learns some unsettling news from Warren’s fiancée while Gary tries to help out a junkie, inspiration strikes Cameron and Dr. Healy’s isolation takes its toll.

Episode 7 True Nature
Gary and Charlie attend an autopsy conducted by Dr. Helvi and learn some unsettling news. With Warren out of his coma, he and Nancy have a heart-to-heart and Dr. Healy nurses a shotgun victim back to health. Farida tries to help Erica find a good home for her two boys, and Gina and Eva find Charlie’s missing goat.

Episode 8 Change is Gonna Come
A seemingly healthy Dr. Healy tries to get his job back and Farida tries to atone for her sins. Cameron tries to build bridges with his father and Charlie gets caught in a lie to Tara; Gary has a crisis of faith and Eva’s cousin, Trevor, gets much more than he bargained for when his girlfriend Amanda gives birth.