Hard Rock Medical | Season 3


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Season 3

Episode 1 Dark Side of The Moon
Sent out in pairs, the students shadow an emergency medical team, do shifts in a hospital ER, attend to a street kid with frostbite and keep a watchful eye on Mylo, a teenage cancer patient who has a steroid induced vision during a first Nation’s Full moon Ceremony.

Episode 2 Five for Fighting
While on patrol with a law officer Gary gets a taste of northern justice and a heaping helping of racism. Cameron and Gina discover that drug addiction isn’t just for the young, Eva and Melanie try to talk Mylo into resuming chemotherapy and Charlie’s marital counseling session goes off the rails.

Episode 3 Digitus Anularis
Charlie and Gary perform a snowmobile rescue of a lumberjack with severed fingers. Gina and Cameron come face to face with an elderly, over-prescribing doctor and Farida deals with the death of a patient and close friend. Nancy suspects two monks of having AIDS.

Episode 4 Missed Diagnosis
Cameron and Gina look in on a patient with a broken leg only to discover a couple of junkies dealing with drugs and running a surprising illegal enterprise. Charlie is forced to move in with his father and Farida struggles with grief, while Cameron’s secret sideline as an art forger is threatened. Nancy gets “schooled” by Helvi for jumping to conclusions.

Episode 5 Shortsighted
Farida’s surprisingly poor performance assessment puts her on the faculty’s radar. Nancy deals with a former cup winning hockey enforcer who comes into the ER with signs of PTSD. Charlie steps in between Gary and a racist cop, Eva mishandles confidential information and Gina’s animal rescue project is “outed” to Cameron.

Episode 6 Bad Day at the Office
Eva eases Amanda’s return to the Rez to meet the baby she ran out on. Melanie helps Mylo find her way back to treatment for her leukemia and Healy confronts Farida about her drug use while Gina’s animal rescue operation is busted.

Episode 7 Playing with Matches
A cancer free Kyle comes through town and has Eva questioning her choices. Charlie takes the kids for the day but double books himself and drops them off with his dad – which gets him into hot water with his wife. A complaint is laid against Cameron and Gina that leads them to a new understanding of ethical medical standards.

Episode 8 Tainted Blood
Gary has an altercation with a racist cop that puts his medical education in jeopardy. Nancy comes up with a unique idea to help her concussion patient get over his depression and Melanie’s bone marrow drive on the Rez inadvertently causes a rift between Eva and Bonnie.

Episode 9 Urn to Let Go
Dallaire confronts Gary about his assault of a police officer. Eva and Bonnie’s acrimonious relationship is laid bare for the entire community to see. Gina’s apology to a patient goes terribly awry and Charlie gets news that may put an end to his dream of a medical career.