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Season 6

Episode 1 — Come One, Come All
For the first time ever, Hit The Ice holds open tryouts and players from across Canada their way to Winnipeg to try and earn a spot. With only a few sessions to catch the coaches’ attention, the players know that the pressure is on.

Episode 2 — Get Your Skates and Minds Sharpened
The invited players, and the successful walk-on applicants, arrive at camp. Off-ice sessions and a few practices are on the agenda as the coaches begin their evaluation of the 30 players.

Episode 3 — Sink or Swim
There is only one practice left before the players give their all in the on-ice testing but an old injury could put one prospect’s camp in jeopardy. A group of players get their feet wet when they experience dragon boat racing for the first time.

Episode 4 — All on the Same Level
The first scrimmage arrives and the players are eager to show what they’ve got. One of the players decides that his only option is to go home, and a Hit The Ice alumnus returns to share his wisdom and talk about his NHL experience.

Episode 5 — Final Buzzer
Following the first scrimmage, some players are feeling more pressure than others. With the final cuts looming, no one wants to disappoint. But, some simply haven’t done enough to show their worth. For these unlucky few, this will be their last day at camp.

Episode 6 — Getting Down To It
The 2017 roster is set. Coach John hosts his first real practice and the players get a sense of his style. After a few days’ effort, the group finally gets some time to relax at the beach and enjoy a somewhat home-cooked meal.

Episode 7 — Horsing Around
On their day off, the players get away from the rink and participate in a team-building event, battling it out in a medieval-style tournament. The day is marred by an unfortunate incident as tensions boil over between some of the players.

Episode 8 — A Flame that Burns Bright
Coach John is forced to deal with an unruly player’s behavior. Alfie comes back to help out the goalies in their preparation and a surprise visit to camp sets the group ablaze.

Episode 9 — You Goat to Be Kidding
The boys get the chance to develop their personal skills with J.P. Vigier in a series of unique drills and exercises. After a long day’s work, the boys look forward to a good stretch. However, their yoga session proves to be slightly unorthodox, as a few four-legged friends join the fray.

Episode 10 — Paint by Numbers
NHL’er Mark Stone returns to help out, and brings goalie Calvin Pickard with him. The professional players share the in’s and outs of pro-life. Team Stone takes on Team Pickard in a friendly game of paintball.

Episode 11 — Show Me What You Got
Team Hit The Ice is ready to face Team Made in Manitoba in an official showcase game. It’s the first chance for the players to prove themselves and demonstrate what they have learned in training.

Episode 12 — The Full Monty
Feeling good about their win, the team returns from a well-deserved weekend off with youthful energy. Indigenous NHL’er Brandon Montour and Joe Cramarossa drop in for a visit.

Episode 13 — Hunting for Treasure
Coach John meets a few players to chat about their future plans and hockey hopes. Following a hard morning practice, the players participate in a scavenger hunt around Winnipeg to discover some of the city’s landmarks.

Episode 14 — Awards and Recognitions Abound
The last bit of scheming and planning unfolds as the coaches prepare for the final game. Confidence is at an all-time high and the team is ready for a second faceoff with their opponents. On the eve of the game, the team gathers one last time to recognize the hard work of a few players.

Episode 15 — The Final Duel
After more than three weeks of practice and training, Team Hit The Ice plays the second and final showcase game before a crowd of family, friends and fans. The boys play for each other and make good on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.