Season 7 | Hit The Ice


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Season 7

Episode 1 — I skate like a girl. Try and keep up.
It’s a new season and this time the GIRLS get a chance to Hit The Ice. Young women travel from all over the country to Powassan, Ontario to take a few shots on the ice and a shoot at making the team.

Episode 2 — A time to prove yourself
With a heavy day ahead, the girls gear up and get ready to give it all they’ve got. Coach MJ puts the girls through a series of scrimmages to see who has what it takes to make the team.

Episode 3 — Testing limits
The girls’ wake up relieved that they have made the cut. It is the first day and although they are away from the ice they will get a chance to grow as a team. The girls head to the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa, where they will overcome challenges and for a few, face their fears head on.

Episode 4 — New coach, new rules, new game
This is a big day for the girls.  Lisa Haley, the teams’ head coach and goalie coach, Jenessica Drinkwater meet the girls for first time. The girls have their work cut out for them as they quickly learn what it’s going to take to keep up with the demand of the camp.

Episode 5 — Hard decisions don’t come easy
Lisa offers advice to Erin Denny when she is presented with an amazing opportunity. Even though it might mean losing one of her top players, Lisa stresses the importance of weighing out the pro’s and cons when faced with challenging decisions.

Episode 6 — Feeling it to the core
After putting work in on the ice, the girls step into an MMA gym and find out what conditioning is all about. Preparation is not all-physical work.  After working up a sweat, the girls head over to “Big Medicine Studio” where they reconnect with old traditions and join in sharing the medicine of song.

Episode 7 — Like a pro 
The girls are in for a real surprise; special guest Rebecca Johnson joins them on the ice today. Nothing like a success story to motivate, make the team work harder and focus on their goals. The girls learn that although it isn’t an easy pursuit, it is a possible one, and that’s all they need.

Episode 8 — Hit The Road
The girls pack up and head to Toronto where they will see if all the work put in to this point will pay off. Nothing like an exhibition game to see where they stand skill wise and how well they can pull it together as an official team. The skill-testing game will help the girls assess their strengths and uncover weak points to work on so as to ensure their place in the Boston Beantown Classic.

Episode 9 — Live and learn
It’s time to put in the real work, correct bad habits and get game ready. Boston Beantown Classic is no joke and the girls have learned a valuable lesson in TO: when push comes to shove they still have a lot to learn to become a top-notch puck handling team.

Episode 10 — The next chapter begins now 
The girls get ready to say farewell to North Bay. Although they’re filled with mixed emotions, one thing is unanimous; this camp has been a life changing experience for each one of them. The girls hit the highway. Boston Beantown classic is the final stop on their Hit the Ice journey.

Episode 11 — The visitors
On the eve of their biggest challenge yet, the Boston Beantown Classic, the girls are anxious and nervous.  In a tournament with over a hundred teams and thousands of players, this group is no different than anyone else and they will need to earn their way to the top.

Episode 12 — It’s time for the puck drop
The girls finally begin their tournament with two hard games. The group relies on their training with hopes of earning a few wins but a few unexpected results force the team into a corner early in the tournament.

Episode 13 — The Finale
After two devastating losses, the team still has an outside hope of reaching the playoffs if they can score two convincing wins.  Facing pressure, the will the girls and the coaches answer the call?