Ilinniq | Season 6


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Season 6

Episode 1 — Bannock Making
The season 6 premiere episode begins in Pangnirtung where Myna’s family lives. It’s always been a pleasure for her to come back here and experience a life style, which is so different from Iqaluit’s. When she gets there, she always first visits her family and great friend Meeka, a revered Elder, educator and a healer. Myna asks Meeka to show the different ways to make bannock for the Ilinniq audience. It can be fried or baked either in the oven or with the qulliq – using seal’s oil or Crisco oil. When Myna gets to Iqaluit she asks people from the Kitikmeot’s to show her how they prepare bannock.

Episode 2 — Games
This episode is a to fun one! Join Myna and her friends for a party. Myna loves good, good company and lots of laughter. Myna will invite her friends asking them to come up with games in which everybody will participate. Myna would like us to share the pleasure of having fun and laughing with friends both in Pangnirtung and in Iqaluit while being creative and in good spirits.

Episode 3 — Kinship
This episode discusses the beliefs around pregnancy and childbirth. Myna thinks it would be worth thinking about the tradition of naming a newborn after someone who passed away a short time before its birth. Myna interviews people from various communities about the different kinship terms.

Episode 4 — Lowest Point In My Life
Mental health is an issue in Nunavut. This episode is more personal in tone. Myna explores along with a few others stories about overcoming hardships and maintaining a healthy life style. Dreams sometimes help overcome these hardships.

Episode 5 — Qipisa
Myna grew up in an outpost camp outside of Pangnirtung. In this episode, we see Myna back in her home community with her family. We also learn a bit more about the community and life in “the old days” through a conversation Myna has with Jean Briggs, a woman Myna has always wanted to meet again. Briggs traveled to the Gjoa Haven and Pangnirtung areas in the late 60s-early-70s for two books she was working on. Jean Briggs today, still has many photographs from her time living with Myna’s family before she was even born. Today, Briggs is 91 years old and is eager to share these pictures and her stories with Myna.

Episode 6 — Language
Myna is a well-known Inuktitut teacher. We will explore language more in this episode by learning about Myna’s personal experiences with Inuktitut and English. Myna has fun with stylized language lessons as well as discussions over tea and bannock with other community members that have interesting thoughts and perspectives on language learning in Nunavut. Myna asks Elders to speak in English, and white people to speak Inuktitut!

Episode 7 — Parenting
In the old days, parenting was very different for Inuit. This episode explores memories and ways told by Elders. Myna is in conversation with young mothers.

Episode 8 — Whale Feast
In Cape Dorset one very specific tradition to the community is to organize a feast when a whale is captured. Only women are authorized and it is about giving and sharing.

Episode 9 — Write a Book
What do you do when you want to write a book? Myna loves books and she talks to writers living in Iqaluit. Myna wants to know how you make it from the very first idea to the book sitting on the shelf in the Iqaluit Centennial Library.

Episode 10 — Food Bank, Sealift, Food Prices
Everyone knows food is expensive in the North. Inuit are not very familiar with the sealift. In this episode Myna takes us for a tour on a Desgagnés ship. With one of the managers located in Iqaluit, she figures out how to do an order on the internet and how to order from a southern grocer. Myna interviews “Feeding My Family” coordinators to learn more about what can be done to help those who need it the most.

Episode 11 — Let’s Go Girls
This episode is about successful businesswomen in Iqaluit. Myna talks about how they “made it”.

Episode 12 — Media People
Iqaluit has a long history with the media. Myna talks to Elders and youth who have been involved in the media industry. Going through a photographic archive, Myna interviews famous journalists and young Inuit working in narrative feature film production. Myna is shows how media has always been active in Nunavut.

Episode 13 — Beauty
Myna explores beauty, beautiful women, beautiful traditions and new ways to be a “beauty”.