Season 3 | Kai Safari


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Season 3

Episode 1- Nelson
Kicking off this new series of Kai Safari, Pio and Sonia head south to explore the wonderful food delicacies Nelson has on offer. Pio is just in time to catch the white baiting and eeling run while Sonia takes on the most important role of all...sampling craft beer.
Episode 2- Heretaunga
Fruit, wine and 1930s architecture give Hastings an appealing point of difference and with Pio and Sonia amongst the mix it’s a perfect Kai Safari. Fresh garden vegetables spiced with Orcona chillies, marinated olives, served with roast lamb and finished with a caramel steam pudding. All this hãngi style highlights the friendly bond our presenters have with the local people of Hastings.
Episode 3- Tuhua
This episode has Sonia and Pio cruising around the Bay of Plenty in search of tasty seafood for a feast. Local skipper Tony Hadlow invites the team to travel with him and his boys to Mayor Island 1hr steam off Tauranga. It’s fresh sea urchin, smoked kingfish, sautéed scallops and fried bread on the menu.
Episode 4- Blue Duck
Along the banks of the Whanganui river, Pio and Sonia catch up with owner manager of Blue Duck Station Dan Steele, a keen bushman and hunter who is ready to show what seasonal food is available for Kai Safari. Pio tries his luck at rabbit shooting while Sonia steps up to stalk a larger feral animal, the goat.
Episode 5- Ahuriri
This week’s Kai Safari has Pio and Sonia harvesting a variety of tasty food from around the coastal city of Ahuriri, Napier. Starting on land, the duo take to the avocado orchards in search of ripe fruit for the local ice cream shop before heading out to sea to target fresh fish and crayfish to tease the palette. It’s a warm summer affair with the wonderful people of Napier.
Episode 6- Auckland
Kai Safari decided to find out who feeds the hungry and the homeless in New Zealand’s biggest city. The Auckland City Mission is a good place to meet the good Samaritans who provide a hot meal for the homeless, every day of the year. Sonia and Pio’s mission is to help gather free food from produce suppliers and restaurants around the city. Thanks to the generosity of these people there will always be a meal for the less fortunate.
Episode 7- Kumeu
Situated 25km north-west of Auckland city is the rural community of Kumeu – a region consisting of boutique wineries, flourishing orchards and plenty of roadside vendors to stock up on sweet fruit and crispy vegetables. A perfect place for Kai Safari. Sonia manages to find the last of the fresh strawberries before trying her hand at milking goats. Pio finds some of the local award-winning wine to get the taste buds flowing, before heading out with local divers to add the tasty scallop to the menu.
Episode 8- Waihi
Located at the Southern end of New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula is the town of Waihi, the gateway to Coromandel and Bay of Plenty. Our Kai Safari duo waste no time hooking up with the locals to gather tasty food for dinner. Sonia takes on the surf to collect some shellfish and mud snails while Pio sets the net with Bowen Walker to target mullet and flounder. A Waihi menu finale that will work your taste buds.
Episode 9- Wellsford
Kai Safari’s next stop is the busy little town of Wellsford, a major settlement servicing the local farming and horticulture communities. Pio and Sonia are invited to Oruawharo Marae to harvest local delicacies with Jesse Pene and family. From land to sea Sonia collects fresh vegetables from the Marae garden while Pio helps to check the flounder nets at low tide. Back in town the sweetness of golden queen peaches and the freshness of free range chicken eggs are collected by our duo for chefs Amber Rose and Kate Hassen to prepare a magic meal to wind up a Wellsford experience.
Episode 10- Whangarei
It’s fritter festival time in Whangarei and Pio and Sonia have arrived to help local contestants Jess Loftus and Zak Olsen from the Butter Factory Cafe. Sonia and Jess set off to pick fresh sweet corn while Pio heads to the Grinning Ghecko Cheese factory for the other ingredient. With over a dozen contestants, competition is fierce so hopefully Sonia can use her charm to entice the judges to lean towards the Butter Factory Cafe.
Episode 11- Henderson
Kai Safari is back in Auckland as Pio and Sonia are keen to share with us a couple of their favourite eating spots. Pio introduces us to the spicy food of “Paradise” while Sonia invites all friends from this show to her regular eatery “The Tasting Shed”. Natural sweetness from Earthbound Honey serves as one special ingredient while fresh Superb Herbs help to fragrance the meal. Sonia helps to bake nut cookies with her friend Jesse from “I Love Pies”, homemade baking made with lots of love.
Episode 12- Rotorua
It’s the middle of duck shooting and trout fishing season in Rotorua as Pio and Sonia try their luck at harvesting some food for dinner. Brett Bosley offers Sonia shooting tips to help increase her chances at scoring a duck while Pio sets out on Lake Tarawera to lure in a fresh rainbow trout. Chefs Jim Tawa from the Millennium hotel and Peter from the Landing Cafe Tarawera turn up the heat in their kitchens for this episode of Kai Safari.
Episode 13- Coco’s Cantina
Renee and Damaris Coulter opened Coco’s Cantina in 2009 and have earned a reputation for serving up the best seasonal, rustic food sourced from around the Auckland region. Sonia and Pio have arrived to help gather necessary ingredients for the girls’ restaurant. Up first, snappers are the target, and Sonia will see if she can catch her first ever fish with legend Lionel Sands. Pio checks into the local mushroom farm to gather shitake before calling in to see Max, the Italian Cheesemaker, for some fresh mozzarella. Coco’s chef whips up an amazing meal Cantina style.