Commercial-free, authentic Indigenous programming your child can grow with. Find show schedules below and check out the programs available to watch online.

Des émissions autochtones authentiques et sans publicité avec lesquelles votre enfant peut grandir. Consultez l’horaire de programmation ci-dessous et découvrez le contenu à visionner en ligne.

  1. Amy's Mythic Mornings

    Every Sunday morning while Amy visits her Granny, she and her two friends, Casey and Theodore, are whisked off into the magical world her grandmother's stories of traditional Aboriginal legends.

    Sundays (Coast Salish)
    6:49am MT on w
  2. Anaana's Tent

    In a very special tent in the Arctic, Rita Claire and her husky Qimmiq learn new songs, words and stories with the help of some animated friends and Inuit performers.

    Explore more at www.anaanastent.com

    Saturdays (English)
    9:39am ET on e
    9:39am MT on w
    9:39am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    8:52am ET on e
    8:52am CT on c
    8:52am MT on w
    Saturdays (Inuktitut)
    6:23am ET on e
    6:23am CT on n
    Sundays (Inuktitut)
    6:00am ET on e
    6:00am MT on w
    6:00am & 7:12am CT on n
  3. Canot Cocasse

    Un canot cocasse, magique et multiforme, transporte deux voyageurs et les jeunes campeurs du Camp Manitou dans des aventures extraordinaires!

    en savoir plus canotcocasse.ca

    Les samedis(en français)
    &:38am et 8:27am ET on e
    Les dimanches (en français)
    8:26 et 7:12am ET on e
  4. Doggy Day School

    Doggy Day School is the home away from home to a lovable crew of dogs and their caretaker. Every day the dogs spend their time playing together, learning about each other and the world around them, and getting in - and out - of merry mischief.

    Sundays (English)
    7:13 & 7:25am MT on w
  5. Garderie Waf Waf

    La Garderie Waf Waf est comme la deuxième maison d'une adorable et joyeuse bande de cabots et de leur monitrice, Rosie. Chaque matin, les propriétaires des chiens les laissent à la garderie et repassent les chercher le soir. Entre temps, les chiens jouent ensemble, découvrent le monde qui les entoure et se laissent entraîner dans de mauvais coups dont ils finissent toujours par sortir sans trop de dégâts.

    Les samedis (en français)
    8:03am & 8:15am ET on e
  6. Iglaq

    A pair of dolls, Kalluk and Nuna, teach Inuvialuit language and culture.

    Saturdays (English)
    7:12am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    7:37am MT on w
    8:27am CT on n
    9:14am ET on e
    9:14am MT on w
    9:14am CT on c
  7. Inuk

    Inuk is an 8-year-old Inuit boy with special powers. Destined to be a shaman, Inuk's adventures reveal both his abilities and the importance of helping and family.

    Saturdays (English)
    7:38am MT on w
    7:58am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    8:25am MT on w
    Les dimanches (en français)
    7:35am ET on e
  8. Louis Says

    Louis, an Aboriginal elder who speaks mostly Cree, has recruited Randy, a 10-year old boy who speaks only English, to help him with his work. Every day Louis gives Randy a task. But there is one problem: How can Randy help Louis if he can't understand his instructions?

    Explore more at louissaystv.com

    Saturdays (English)
    8:04am MT on w
    9:16am MT on w
    9:16am ET on e
    9:16am CT on n
    Saturdays (Cree)
    7:35am CT on n
    Sundays (Cree)
    6:23am MT on w
    6:49am ET on e
    6:48am MT on w
  9. Takuginai

    Takuginai teaches cultural values such as respect, sharing and patience. Young hosts and puppets, such as "Johnny" the lemming, also teach Inuktitut numbers and syllabics.

    Sundays (Inuktitut)
    6:49am CT on n
    Saturdays (English)
    8:24am CT on n
    8:27am MT on w
    Sundays (English)
    8:02am MT on w
    8:02am CT on n
  10. Tamânevugut!

    Tamanevugut means "We are here!" Through a combination of interviews, pictures, music and video our host presents a magazine style program that focuses on the Aboriginal youth of Labrador.

    Monday to Wednesdays(Inuktitut)
    7am & 12:pm CT on n
    Mondays (Inuktitut)
    6:30am ET on e
    9:30am CT on n
    Thursdays (Inuktitut)
    12:00pm CT on N
    Fridays (Inuktitut)
    7:00am CT on N
  11. Teepee Time

    Teepee Time is an animation series for pre-school kids.

    Explore more at teepeeville.com

    Saturdays (English)
    8:50am MT on w
    8:50am CT on n
    8:50am ET on e
    Sundays (English)
    9:37am ET on e
    9:37am MT on w
    9:37am CT on n
    Les samedis (en français)
    7:12am ET on e
    Les dimanches (en français)
    8:01am ET on e
    Saturdays (Mi'kmaq)
    6:00am & 7:12am MT on w
    6:46am ET on e
    6:46am CT on n
    Sundays (Mi'kmaq)
    6:23am CT on n
    6:23am ET on e
  12. Wapos Bay

    T-Bear, Talon, and Raven are growing up in the remote northern community of Wapos Bay and learning about their unique way of life.

    Sundays (Inuktitut)
    7:25am CT on n