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  1. Anaana's Tent

    With the help of her old husky, Qimmiq, and a cast of special friends, Rita Claire sings songs, plays games, reads stories and learns new words in Inuktitut

    Explore more at http://www.anaanastent.com

    Saturdays (English)
    9:54am ET on e
    9:15am MT on w
    8:59am MT on w
    8:52am CT on n
    Saturdays (Inuktitut)
    6:28am ET on e
    6:28am CT on n
    Sundays (Inuktitut)
    6:00am ET on e
    6:00am MT on w
    6:00am CT on n
    7:12m CT on n

    Watch in English on APTN lumi
    Watch in Inuktitut on APTN lumi

  2. Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show

    Explore and find out more about our beautiful and complex universe alongside our Science Questors, who learn how cool science really is as they observe, ask questions, and learn from Indigenous scientists and other role models.

    Explore more at http://coyotescience.com/en/home/

    Saturdays (English)
    10:30am ET on e
    10:30am MT on w
    10:30am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    10:00am ET on e
    10:00am MT on w
    10:00am CT on n
    Saturdays (Halkomelem)
    7:12am MT on w
    7:40am CT on n
    Sundays (Halkomelem)
    7:12am ET on e
    6:53am MT on w

    Watch in English on APTN lumi
    Watch in Halkomelem on APTN lumi

  3. Louis Says

    Louis, an Indigenous elder who speaks mostly Cree, has recruited Randy, a 10-year old boy who speaks only English, to help him with his work. Every day Louis gives Randy a task. But there is one problem: How can Randy help Louis if he can't understand his instructions?

    Explore more at louissaystv.com

    Saturdays (English)
    8:01am MT on w
    9:37am MT on w
    8:03am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    8:22am MT on w
    8:29am CT on n
    Saturdays (Cree)
    6:00am MT on w
    7:17am ET on e
    7:17am CT on n
    Sundays (Cree)
    6:23am MT on w
    6:49am ET on e
    6:49am CT on n

    Watch Louis Says in English on APTN lumi

  4. Teepee Time

    A curious little Teepee discovering the world one new adventure at a time. Follow Teepee as he learns to ride his bike, set the table, tie his shoelace and so much more.

    Explore more at teepeeville.com

    Saturdays (English)
    7:35am MT on w
    8:57am ET on e
    Sundays (English)
    7:56am MT on w
    8:03am CT on n
    Les samedis (en français)
    8 h 33 HE sur e
    Les dimanches (en français)
    8 h 03 HE sur e
    Saturdays (Mi'kmaq)
    6:51am ET on e
    6:51am CT on n
    Sundays (Mi'kmaq)
    6:23am CT on n
    6:23am ET on e
    6:23am MT on w

    Watch Teepee Time in English, French and Mi’kmaq on APTN lumi

  5. Tshakapesh Superhero

    With the fate of humanity and mother nature in jeopardy, superhero Tshakapesh returns to earth in the form of an Indigenous teenager to help restore the balance of the Earth.

    9:15am ET on e
    9:01am MT on w
    9:03am CT on n
    9:17am CT on n
    9:17am ET on e
    9:15am MT on w
    9:1am CT on n
    9:29am CT on n
    Les samedis (en français)
    8 h 05 HE sur e
    8 h 19 HE sur e
    Les dimanches (en français)
    7 h 35 HE sur e
    7 h 49 HE sur e
    Saturdays (Innu)
    6:00am ET on e
    6:14am ET on e
    6:00am CT on n
    6:14am CT on n
    Sundays (Innu)
    7:35am CT
    7:49 CT on n

    Watch Tshakapesh Superhero in English on APTN lumi
    Watch Tshakapesh Superhero in French on APTN lumi
    Watch Tshakapesh Superhero in Inuktitut on APTN lumi

  6. Canot Cocasse

    Un canot cocasse, magique et multiforme, transporte deux voyageurs et les jeunes campeurs du Camp Manitou dans des aventures extraordinaires!

    en savoir plus canotcocasse.ca

    Les samedis(en français)
    7 h 40 HE sur e
    Les dimanches (en français)
    8 h 29 HE sur e

    Regardez Canot Cocasse sur APTN lumi

  7. Doggy Day School

    Doggy Day School is the home away from home to a lovable crew of dogs and their caretaker. Every day the dogs spend their time playing together, learning about each other and the world around them, and getting in - and out - of merry mischief.

    Saturdays (English)
    8:24 MT on w
    8:36am MT on w
    8:26am Ct on n
    8:38am CT on n
    Sundays (English)
    7:09 MT on w
    7:21am MT on w
  8. Iglaq

    A pair of dolls, Kalluk and Nuna, teach Inuvialuit language and culture.

    Saturdays (English)
    9:31 MT on w
    Sundays (English)
    7:33am MT on w
  9. Little J & Big Cuz

    Little J and Big Cuz are busy with the ups and downs of playground and classroom. With the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen, Little J and Big Cuz are finding out all about culture, community and country.

    Sundays (English)
    7:33am MT on w
  1. Colouring

    Use your imagination to bring the gang from Doggie Day School to life.

  2. Connect the Dots

    Connect the dots to see what Bizou is doing.

  3. Matching Game

    Help Louis dress for a cold winter day.

  4. Maze

    Help TeePee find her way home through the maze.