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About Walt Longmire

Played by Robert Taylor

Walt is the charismatic, dedicated, unflappable sheriff of Absoroka County, Wyoming. He is known for strength, manners and an old-fashioned approach. Recently widowed and struggling to come to grips with his wife’s death, he puts on a brave face and buries his pain behind dry wit.

About Victoria Moretti

Played by Katee Sackhoff

Vic is the newest edition to the Absoroka County sheriff’s office. She comes from Philadelphia where she was part of the homicide division for five years. After moving to Absaroka as a result of her husband’s job relocation, she is out to prove that she isn’t a rookie, all while struggling to adjust to dealing with the locals.

About Henry Standing Bear

Played by Lou Diamond Phillips

Henry is a handsome, charming Cheyenne who is fiercely protective of his tribe. He is Walt’s lifelong friend. He owns the local bar and often serves as Walt’s go-between with the reservation.

About Cady Longmire

Played by Cassidy Freeman

Cady is Walt’s only child. She is an attorney with big city dreams but with the death of her mother she has taken it upon herself to help her father put his life back together.

About the Ferg

Played by Adam Bartley

The Ferg is a big guy with the heart of a puppy dog. He is loyal, well-meaning and eager to please, but he has a long way to go as an investigator.