Longmire | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Pilot
In the series premiere, Sheriff Walt Longmire is called to investigate a backcountry murder.

Episode 2 — The Dark Road
An exotic dancer is found dead and when Walt realizes that she’s from out of town, he investigates the possibility of her Amish-like roots playing a role in her murder.

Episode 3 — A Damn Shame
A family barn goes up in flames with the owner and his prized horses inside. Walt believes that there is more to it than a planned suicide.

Episode 4 — The Cancer
Walt asks Henry for help when a murder is tied to the Mexican drug cartel.

Episode 5 — Dog Slider
When Cheyenne foster children start going missing and a registered sex offender disappears, Walt must find the kidnapper before the unthinkable happens.

Episode 6 — The Worst Kind of Hunter
When a mauled body is found, Walt suspects that the bear was baited to attack. Now he must find the bear and the person who lured it into attacking.

Episode 7 — 8 Seconds
When a wealthy beer distributor is murdered, the main suspect is a bronco rider, but the discovery of a secret affair and a stolen painting lead to many motives for this crime.

Episode 8 — An Incredibly Beautiful Thing
While investigating the murder of a gas station owner, Walt enlists Henry’s help to track down an unstable young woman who was at the scene. Is she a suspect or a victim?

Episode 9 — Dogs, Horses and Indians
When the president of the Tribal Council is found dead in his car on county land, Walt realizes that the body has been moved from the original crime scene, but why?

Episode 10 — Unfinished Business
Walt investigates the murder of teenager who was part of a group acquitted of raping a Cheyenne girl. Meanwhile a detective from Denver arrives and forces Walt to finally confront the reality of his wife’s death.