Longmire | Season 4


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Season 4

Episode 1 — Down By The River
Walt is out for revenge – believing that Jacob Nighthorse was responsible for his wife’s death. Meanwhile, Henry is distraught about Hector’s death and Cady expresses her concerns about an increasingly erratic Branch to Walt.

Episode 2 — War Eagle
Obsessed with solving the mysterious circumstances surrounding Branch’s death, Walt deputizes Henry to handle evidence that could overturn the suicide ruling. Meanwhile, Walt and his team investigate the death of a man, Thorvin Hampton found at an old Japanese internment camp-turned museum. And Henry stands up for a woman on the Rez who’s being robbed.

Episode 3 — High Noon
Things come to a head when Jacob Nighthorse holds a press conference accusing Walt of attempted murder. Meanwhile, Walt’s daughter, Cady, signs on with a law firm representing the casino and learns of a surprising connection between Nighthorse and Barlow with implications in Branch’s death that lead Walt to confront Barlow.

Episode 4 — Four Arrows
On the day that the Four Arrows casino opens, Walt returns to work after a voluntary leave of absence to find that Vic has brought in a new deputy, Eamonn O’Neill to help out. While investigating a suspicious death in a traffic accident, Walt is also called in by Tribal Police Chief, Mathias to look into Henry’s involvement with a domestic dispute on the Rez.

Episode 5 — Help Wanted
While Walt interviews candidates for the vacant deputy position, he investigates a series of robberies involving stolen pharmaceuticals and a veterans recovery group run by psychiatrist Dr. Donna Monaghan.

Episode 6 — The Calling Back
When a Cheyenne woman, Gabriella “Gab” Langton is assaulted on the Rez by oil rig workers, both Mathias and Walt find themselves unable to pursue the suspects due to issues of jurisdiction. But Cady is determined and seeks the help of a Federal Prosecutor to bring Gab’s assailants to justice.

Episode 7 — Highway Robbery
Walt investigates a deadly highway robbery with wannabe-deputy Travis Murphy. Meanwhile, Mathias agrees to give Cady access to old, neglected legal cases on the Rez. Henry looks to get into Hector-fighting shape, and Walt confides his inner demons to a surprising person.

Episode 8 — Hector Lives
When one of Gab Langton’s attackers is found dead on an oil rig site in neighboring Cumberland County, Walt suspects foul play. Meanwhile, Vic begrudgingly reconnects with Deputy Eamonn O’Neill to track down oil worker and conspiracy theorist Archer Loftus, and Cady worries that Henry might be involved. Whether corruption at the oil company or Hector-style justice is at fault, Walt must act quickly before another victim falls prey.

Episode 9 — Shotgun
Walt deals with the fallout of the shooting of Tyler Malone and the arrest of oil rig worker Trot Simic, while an injured Henry goes on the run with Gab Langton in search of a mysterious Crow Medicine Woman. Meanwhile, new deputy Zach Heflin puts his job on the line when a confrontation with a suspect turns violent.

Episode 10 — What Happens on the Rez…
With oil company rep Walker Browning on the war path to find Gab and have Henry arrested, and Monte out for blood after the violent encounter with new deputy Zachary, Walt finds himself under pressure from all sides. Meanwhile, Nighthorse resurfaces with offers to both Cady and Henry – that is, if a suspicious Mathias doesn’t find Henry first.