Longmire | Season 5


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Season 5

Episode 1 — A Fog That Won’t Lift
Walt searches for Donna in the season five premiere.

Episode 2 — One Good Memory
Henry renegotiates his deal with Mathias

Episode 3 — Chrysalis
Walt unravels the case of a girl and her missing father.

Episode 4 — The Judas Wolf
Walt & Vic investigate a bizarre kidnapping of a CEO.

Episode 5 — Pure Peckinpah
Malachi puts a bounty on Hector’s head.

Episode 6 — Objection
Depositions for Walt’s case go badly.

Episode 7 — From This Day Forward
Cady helps a battered woman on the Rez.

Episode 8 — Stand Your Ground
Walt looks deeper into the Irish mob.

Episode 9 — Continual Soiree
Vic testifies against Chance Gilbert.

Episode 10 — The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Walt learns what’s behind the lawsuit in the season finale.