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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1: Icons of Oppression
Cinematographer Dave Gaudet begins his journey in New Orleans, Louisiana filming the Mardi Gras Indian. He also heads north to Lejac, British Columbia to investigate the miracles of Rose Prince.

Episode 2: Reanimated
Dave explores the world of graphic novels in Winnipeg, and travels to The Little Bighorn Battlefield in South Dakota to film battle reenactments.

Episode 3: The Peyote Trail
Dave learns about the use of peyote in religious Native American ceremony, from Laredo, Texas all the way up to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Episode 4: A Rolling Stone
Dave investigates the Majorville Medicine Wheel located in Southern Alberta, which pulls him south to Mitchell South Dakota to film an archeological dig.

Episode 5: Space
Dave travels to Walsh, Alberta to film a mysterious face in the land called the Badlands Guardian. He also goes to Lewiston, Idaho to meet John Herrington the first Native American in space.

Episode 6: The Haunt
Dave explores haunted cabins in Northern Alberta and travels south to Pyramid Lake Nevada to search for more ghosts.

Episode 7: The Hunt
In Neah Bay, Washington Dave tries hitch a ride in a whale hunting ocean canoe. He also travels to rural Saskatchewan for a traditional bison hunt.

Episode 8: Silent Heroes
Dave learns about Navajo code talkers and also travels to Petawawa, Ontario to visit with a modern day Canadian war hero.

Episode 9: Dance Art
Dave films Daystar, a contemporary modern dancer working in Rochester, New York. He also travels to Winnipeg to learn about a Mi’kmaq visual artist.

Episode 10: Images of the Ages
Dave travels to Writing On Stone Provincial Park in Alberta before heading south to meet with a Native American Solar Pyographer.

Episode 11: Resistance
Dave’s journey takes him all the way to Alcatraz Island to learn about the Native American occupation of 1969. Upon his return home he finds Idle No More activism happening in his own back yard.

Episode 12: Legacy in Stone
Dave films the petroforms at Manito Ahbee and also heads South to learn the story of Crazy Horse Memorial, coming face-to-face with the giant mountain carving.

Episode 13: Dave’s Roots
Dave travels to his tribe’s annual powwow in Newfoundland. He also returns to Louisiana for a special family reunion on the bayou.