Moosemeat & Marmalade | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Beaver and the Boys
Art takes Dan to a Northern BC community to hunt beaver. It’s all a culture shock for Dan as he is taught to skin a beaver by a colourful Elder; learns about the edible plants surrounding a wetland; smokes meat inside an old tepee to avoid the rain, and participates in a friendly “cook-off” with a group of community-minded women attempting to create healthy bannock recipes.

Episode 2 — Pheasant
Dan and Art go pheasant shooting in the Lincolnshire countryside and are guests in a large 17th century manor where Art is out of his element. The local gamekeeper explains how shooting transformed the UK landscape. They all go on a driven pheasant shoot where Art is thrown into the formal aspects and rituals of UK style “hunting.”

Episode 3 — Deer
Art and Dan go hunting on a Vancouver Island farm where deer have become a pest to local farmers. Art teaches Dan to track and what signs to look for as they build a hunting blind in the rain. As the hunters give up the hunt, Art recounts a story from his youth that may account for his difficulties hunting deer.

Episode 4 — Beef and High Tea
Art and Dan head to a small organic farm, which supplies some of the finest grass-fed beef in Canada. They head off to the Vancouver Island Salt Company; a fast growing, low-tech operation that is literally run out of the owner’s back door. The boys also wander through the Mill Bay Farmer’s Market for secondary ingredients before heading to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel to cook their beef and are treated to afternoon high tea.

Episode 5 — Bison
After witnessing a real bison harvest Art teaches Dan to give thanks “Cree style” before they start to butcher and talks about traditional ethics, respect and belief systems surrounding hunting. After the hunt, the boys head to the legendary Rolla Pub and end up offering a bison barbecue.

Episode 6 — Bangers and Mash
Art and Dan explore British countryside pub culture and all of the culinary delights of UK’s Somerset region from pork sausages and cider to stranger fare like spotted dick and toad-in-the-hole. They visit the Natterjack Inn where the owners and guests are treated to Dan’s upscale version of the British classic, bangers & mash.

Episode 7 — Salmon
Dan and Art learn how to catch salmon in a secluded spot on the Sooke River. They find out that this traditional Salish technique takes all of the patience they can muster. Joe the salmon man takes them to the T’souke community’s traditional smoke house to learn about a local technique for smoke barbecuing fish, then invites our hosts to a community potluck in a Coast Salish ceremonial Big House.

Episode 8 — Poisson
Dan takes Art on a journey to his London roots and to his early days under the tutelage of his master chef at an upscale French restaurant in the heart of Chelsea. This is Dan’s element, and Art’s nightmare – an extravagant, five-star restaurant!.

Episode 9 — Moose
Art takes Dan to BC’s Northern Rockies to hunt moose; the iconic Canadian symbol and staple of many First Nations for countless generations. Going through some rough terrain on ATV’s, walking through swamps and raging rivers, hauling meat out of the woods by hand, Dan learns a little bit about what it takes to hunt moose in this region and is miffed to learn that this is the “easy” way of hunting.

Episode 10 — Lamb
Dan takes Art to the English county of Devon to stay at a refurbished medieval farm and partake in the region’s culinary gifts…lamb and Devon cream. Art is amazed at the patchwork fields and baffled at the hedgerows and narrow country roads that have been there for centuries. Art and Dan are invited to cook a lamb dinner in the medieval kitchen. The guests are served their meal in the 16th century farmhouse dining room!

Episode 11 — Rabbit
Art is from the boreal forests of Northern BC and grew up eating wild snowshoe hares. Dan is curious what it’s like to live in the forest so the two stay in a trapper’s cabin on the Cowichan River where Dan learns how to snare wild rabbits and forage for food plants with a local medicine woman. Using the gifts provided by the local lands, they cook their meal, trapper-style rabbit bourguignon on camp stoves outside the cabin.

Episode 12 — Classy Caviar
It’s all about the expensive roe from giant, prehistoric fish as Dan leads Art on a fascinating journey through the entire rearing, harvesting and canning process as they get into tanks with the powerful sturgeon and help harvest. Still in his glory from tasting raw caviar cut straight a fish, Dan leads Art to one of Vancouver’s top seafood restaurants.

Episode 13 — Shellfish Pit-Cook
Art and Dan both share the lead in creating a modern version of a West Coast pit cook in the Nuuchanulth community of Estowista near the surfing town of Tofino. With the beautiful backdrop of the majestic Pacific’s long sandy beaches, our hosts are taught to harvest shellfish at proper tide by a couple of elders who’ve been doing it all their lives.