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Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode 1 — Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier
Humpback whales feast on capelin, thousands of garter snakes discover spring, squirrels that fly – this is Canada as you have never seen it before.

Episode 2 — Wild Canada: The Wild West
Intimate and epic stories of wilderness from salmon-eating wolves to battling bighorn sheep high in the Rockies, and ice-covered grizzly bears in the far north.

Episode 3 — Wild Canada: The Heartland
Here are landscapes of extremes: pronghorn antelopes race across the prairies and elusive wolverine enjoy the boreal winter snow scape.

Episode 4 — Wild Canada: Ice Edge
The Arctic is populated by survivors. Here caribou calves dance across the tundra and polar bear cubs discover ice for the first time in the country’s harshest climate.

Episode 5 — Wild Canada: Making Wild Canada
Making the incredible Wild Canada series. Meet Jeff Turner, the series director, and see stories from the field.

Episode 6 — Geologic Journey: Along the African Rift
The East African Rift has been widening as Africa is being torn asunder all the way from Ethiopia to Mozambique. Africa is literally ripping apart in three directions.

Episode 7 — Geologic Journey: The Atlantic Coast
The dramatic story of tectonic upheaval and how these forces pummeled eastern North America, until the shape we recognize today finally emerged.

Episode 8 — Geologic Journey: The Great Lakes
Explore a long vanished mountain range, a tropical salt-water sea and a sudden massive flood that drowned vast areas of land.

Episode 9 — Geologic Journey: The Rockies
A highwire tour through the Rockies – craggy rock faces and dangerous ice reveal the growth pangs of the mountain building era.

Episode 10 — Geologic Journey II: Tectonic Europe
Traverse the Eurasian plate across Europe – from Iceland, where new land is formed – to the Alps, where old land is destroyed.

Episode 11 — Geologic Journey II: The Pacific Rim: Americas
Travel from Alaska to California to Chile discovering how tectonic rhythms threaten the people living along the two continents’ coastlines.

Episode 12 — Geologic Journey II: The Western Pacific Rim
The Pacific Rim is home to half of the world’s active volcanoes and ninety percent of the world’s earthquakes.

Episode 13 — Geologic Journey II: Collision Zone: Asia
Welcome to the Collision Zone – the fiery unpredictability of Indonesia’s volcanoes at one end, the massive Himalayas at the other.

Episode 14 — Raccoon Nation

Episode 15 — The Man Who Tweeted Earth
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gives us an intimate look at what life is like aboard the International Space Station.

Episode 16 — Trek of the Titans:  Leatherback Turtles
Canadian scientist studies the world’s largest turtle as it feeds on jellyfish off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Episode 17 — Where Am I?
Explore the skills we use to find our way around. Some of us seem to always know where we are, while others rarely do.

Episode 18 — The Allergy Fix
Childhood food allergies have more than tripled in the last twenty years. New research is testing old assumptions about how to treat them.

Episode 19 — Zapped: The Buzz About Mosquitoes
The story of our ongoing struggle to conquer a blood-suckering little insect that is both delicate and deadly.

Episode 20 — The Fruit Hunters: Evolution of Desire
A journey through the exotic, endlessly fascinating world of fruit – a story of nature, commerce, and obsession.

Episode 21 — The Fruit Hunters: Defenders of Diversity
A journey through the exotic, endlessly fascinating world of fruit – a story of nature, commerce, and obsession.

Episode 22 — Invasion of the Body Snatchers
From zombie ants to a creature that may be influencing whole human cultures, dive into the world of parasites.

Episode 23 — How To Be a Wild Elephant
Orphan elephant Sities leaves the safety of a Kenyan sanctuary and begins her journey back to the wild.