Before The Streets | New Years


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Before The Streets

(broadcast in Atikamekw)
Shawnouk is unfulfilled in his day-to-day life in Manaway. While he and his sister share a strong connection, his resentment towards his stepfather and his general frustration with life leave him feeling angry and vulnerable with little reason to live. When a robbery goes terribly wrong, Shawnouk flees into the forest, running from the consequences of his actions and battling with his guilt. After returning home and contemplating suicide, he makes a conscious decision to face his inner demons. Thus begins a journey of cleansing and healing during which Shawnouk discovers himself and his connection to the land by following traditional healings.
Before the Streets is the first dramatic feature shot in the language of Atikamekw and the film’s cast is composed almost entirely of people living and working in three Atikamekw communities.
January 1 at 3:30 am ET