Niqitsiat | Season 10


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Season 10

Episode 1 — Camp Caribou Stew
Rebecca cooks a camp caribou stew out at a campsite at the Sylvia Grinnel River.

Episode 2 — Creamy Mushroom Steaks
Caribou slowly braised in a creamy mushroom sauce. Rebecca and Annabella will get the taste buds working with this melt in your mouth recipe.

Episode 3 — Italian Caribou Meatloaf
Rebecca and Annabella work together to make this Italian style meatloaf with ground caribou meat.

Episode 4 — Barbecued Duck
This mouthwatering sweet sauce is used to smother some duck and barbecued at a campsite in the outskirts of Iqaluit.

Episode 5 — BBQ Caribou Ribs & Macaroni
Rebecca prepares this traditional coleslaw. Annabella makes a sweet sauce for a sweet barbecued caribou Ribs.

Episode 6 — Spicy Pepper Caribou Steak
In this show Annabella and Rayleen prepare an easy economical dish – a spicy pepper steak and for dessert she bakes some cookies.

Episode 7 — Musk ox with Green Chili
Annbella works a young girl, Rayleen, who aspires to be a cook someday. They work together to create this spicy dish using green chili from Central America.

Episode 8 — Ground Caribou Chili
Muskox have inhabited Nunavut for thousands of years and is a survivor of the last ice age. These animals provide a great amount of food and a large, warm hide which is useful for bedding, blankets and shelter. Rebecca and Annabella spice up the muskox meat and prepare a warm winter’s chili.

Episode 9 — Musk Ox Burgers and Kabobs
This is a favourite for people of all ages. Annabella and Rayleen prepare musk ox kabobs and uses ground musk ox meat from Cambridge Bay area to make some yummy burgers.

Episode 10 — Char with Cabbage and Mushrooms
Char is a staple diet in the life of Inuit and today, Annabella is creating a dish with cabbage and mushrooms with Rayleen. They also prepare a balsamic dressing for a healthy salad.

Episode 11 — Chicken Chili Casserole
Annabella and Henry Naulaq, the producer of the cooking show, prepare a heart-warming dinner full of flavour and a little spice.

Episode 12 — Stuffed Peppers
Annabella and Henry try their hand preparing this tasty stuffed peppers using ground caribou meat and baked to perfection.

Episode 13 — Minestrone Soup
It’s time to clean out the veggie drawer. Annabella and Rayleen will prepare a rich and delicious minestrone soup. For dessert they will make a refreshing and colourful smoothie.