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Episode Guide

Episode 1 — Whangape
Pete heads to the northland region to catch up with his friend Pio on his home turf Whangape, a small West Coast settlement. Pio can’t wait to show Pete what local food delicacies are on offer within the harbour. From tasty flounder to mud snails, green lipped mussels to the freshest of snapper. At the end of the day, Pio introduces Pete to his Whangape relations over a meal blended with lots of fun and a Ngā Puhi song.

Episode 2 — Mamaku
The Roe and Fleet family guide Pete & Pio around their Mamaku farm located above the shores of Lake Rotorua, taking the boys straight to the food source that’s on the Kai Safari menu. The elusive fresh water crayfish and tuna, along with the willy rabbit and hare are included in the recipes. Pikopiko colours the table, while the popular pavlova dessert whipped up using the farms fresh eggs sweetens the meal.

Episode 3 — Wairaka
The people of Ngati Awa invites Pete & Pio to harvest a once a year delicacy known as the Manu Kuia from the Island of Moutohora. Similar to the mutton-bird this food is treated hangi and BBQ-style, served with local vegetables grown in the shadows of Mount Putauaki. Sweet pipi from the Ohiwa Harbor and fresh fish caught just outside the Whakatane River mouth season the feast.

Episode 4 — Matiu Island
Wellington’s harbor is a sanctuary for many native species of plants, birds, animals and insects. Although most food is protected on the Island, Pete & Pio, with the help of local iwi whanau, plan to harvest ingredients mainly from the sea. A shellfish buffet of paua, kina, limpets and mussels tease the menu with the freshest kahawai filling in the gaps. The Island’s own breeds of sheep are included in the menu.

Episode 5 — Ruahine
Nestled into the side of the North Island’s largest range, the Ruahine’s near Dannevirke is the home of the Phelps family. Alisha Phelps and her partner Damon Pratt take the boys on a journey through their distilling shed introducing them to the art of producing boutique ports. After a few taste tests from every bottle, it’s off to a local farm that is keen to highlight their creation in the form of cheese. To wrap up the day Alesha’s mum, dad and sisters invite Pete & Pio back to their homestead for a country style feast utilizing a lot of the food harvested from around their property.

Episode 6 — Waiheke Island
Voted as one of the top five islands in the world, Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf is becoming increasingly popular for tourists and townies alike. The boys meet some of the local Maori who have made Waiheke their home. This time the menu is flavoured with gourmet sausages, locally grown produce, freshly baked rewana bread, tasty estuary cockles and finished with Waiheke’s catch of the day.

Episode 7 — Waitahanui
The duo travel to the small settlement of Waitahanui along the shores of Lake Taupo where Karauria Wall, a local hunter-gatherer, shares his knowledge of collecting food with Pete & Pio. Huge gardens of watercress whipped up with a fresh run of rainbow trout served omelet style. Kaumatua Hawira Karaitiana takes Pete on a duck-shooting mission to add some wild game flavours to the menu, while Pio discovers the magic behind the making of real coffee with Taupo’s Volcanic Coffee lady Jo Steele.

Episode 8 — Waihau Bay
Situated along the New Zealand East Coast is a popular fishing bay known as Waihau. Pete & Pio arrive with their own fishing gear to try their luck at hooking up a hapuka. Local legend Les Stowell shows them the hotspots to help increase their chances. “Taku Honey”, also managed by the Stowell family, sweetens Pete’s recipes with natural manuka flavors. Waihau hunter Benny Haerewa helps to put pork on the table while Pio takes a different approach, pulling out the wetsuit to gather kina and paua to top up the feast finale.

Episode 9 — Ohakune
Pete & Pio head inland towards the central plateau of the North Island. The small country town of Ohakune is about to celebrate the humble carrot with a local carnival. The boys help to take part in events to earn their keep. From carrot cakes to vegetable lasagna, it’s a vegetarian day of surprises. But not for long as pig farmer Mike Nikara shares a pork recipe on the show while hunter-gatherer Steven Brown lures Pete to try his luck at fishing for trout.

Episode 10 — Owahanga
Pete & Pio hit the road again visiting one of the largest Maori owned farms in the country, about two hours southwest of Dannevirke is the Owahanga Station. Home to 19,000 sheep, 600 beehives, native bush full of pigs and deer, and 300 olive trees… it’s a food lover’s paradise. Hosting the boys are the Whanau from Papaumu Marae who have no trouble keeping the kitchen doors wide open for Pete & Pio to cook up their magic.

Episode 11 — Akaroa
The Kai Safari makes its way to Akaroa, an area that was considered New Zealand’s only French settlement. Pio visits one of the local salmon farms within the harbor and gets a few tips on how to reel in a without a fishing rod. The local butcher Brendan Foster gets in on the action adding meat to the menu while Gilda Otway adds her share by supplying this season’s hazelnuts. A fine dining experience with the help of the Akaroa Cooking School wraps up our French Connection experience.

Episode 12 — Highlights
From North to South, East to West, it was a fantastic journey with all our Kai Safari friends around the Motu. Meeting the people of the land and having with plenty of fun. Pete & Pio put all the tips they learned into action. See thrill of the chase, the stalk, and the hunt, and enjoy the tasty recipes one more time.