APTN develops, commissions and acquires distinctive and compelling television series and digital components that appeals to all Canadians. We support online content and linear television in a variety of formats, including documentaries, news and current affairs, dramas, entertainment specials, children’s series and cooking shows.

APTN accepts development proposals throughout the year until funds are exhausted.

There are no deadlines for applications but please keep in mind any third party development funding deadlines when submitting a development proposal to APTN.

Please insure your proposal indicates your development deliverables (what you intend to develop — i.e. series bible, outlines, 1st and 2nd draft scripts for a pilot episode, non-broadcast demo, and more.)

All submissions must be accompanied by the following:


Producers can expect a response within 10 weeks. If your submission is not selected during the 10 week review period, it is deemed withdrawn and we will not have any rights or claims to your submission.