Qanurli | Season 5


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Season 5

Episode 1 — Piipuu and the Stormy Aftermath
Inuk, Nipangi and Hiccuper were blown away in Piqsiq Pakak (hurricane) and no one has seen them for months. Iqaluit city is dealing with the damage of the storm.

Episode 2 — Need a Little Help
The team meets with Mr. Money for a potential partnership. Uu convinces the boys to hold a benefit concert to raise money for damages caused by Piqsiq Pakak.

Episode 3 — Team INNI Co.
Inuk and Nipangi move into their new tent and try out their new broadcasting equipment from Money Corp. They discover they are missing an important wire and try to make one themselves shockingly.

Episode 4 — Good Cops
Nipangi and Inuk assume the role of Private Investigator’s in this classic black and white crime mystery style episode. They are searching for clues to find the elusive K-800.

Episode 5 — Origin of the K800
Having found out where they can find a K800 Inuk and Nipangi start to reveal the mysteriousness around the piece through animated legend segments. They plan to fly to Tallurutik (Northwest Passage) to search for the K800.

Episode 6 — Infinite K800’s
Juaq Corp claims to have invented the K801, a substitute for the K800. Inuk and Nipangi face a number of obstacles as they weigh the pros and cons of signing a deal with Juaq Corp.

Episode 7 — The Partnership
In this documentary style episode we learn the history of the negotiations between INNI Co. and Juaq Corp as they join forces.

Episode 8 — Ulluriaq Wars
In this sci-fi episode the team is travelling through space to find the mysterious blue comet said to hold powers while they battle Taaq Juaq of the Taaq side.

Episode 9 — Road Trip (to Northern Quebec)
With the agreement in place and the premier of Inuit TV coming Inuk and Nipangi set off to Kuujjuaq for Aqpik Jam to seek out talent and show pitches.

Episode 10 — On The Air
It is the night of the grand-premier of Inuit TV and Juaq holds a red-carpet event. Anyone who is anyone is there. Inuk and Nipangi are unhappy with the product.

Episode 11 — The Show Must Go On
Inuk and Nipangi are so upset with Juaq that they decide to quit. Aa decides to help Nipangi and Inuk. The two friends plan a heist.

Episode 12 — Synopsis
Inuk and Nipangi have temporarily given up on their own Inuktitut network and focus again on Show. All the other TV shows decide to quit as well and seek help from Inuk and Nipangi. The Radio Show hosts offer help.

Episode 13 — The Best of INNI Co.
After receiving the K800 from the Radio Show guys Inuk and Nipangi are ready to start their Inuktitut network called UqausivuTV. They invite all their friends and most of their family to be the first to see their network in action.