Qanurli | Season 6


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Season 6

Episode 1 – Two Years Later
Two years have passed and Inuk and Nipangi are successfully running the bustling UqausivuTV studio. The duo is managing tv crews and have even hired a new intern. Everything seems to be working like a dream – until business tycoon, Jackie Tunahi arrived.

Episode 2 – Super Star Syndrome
As Jackie T. gathers information on viewership, popularity and the “numbers” for the network, Inuk and Nipangi experience professional tension with each other. Who does the viewership favour and more importantly, who will break their ankle?

Episode 3 – The Numbers Game
Inuk and Nipangi devise a plan to become more relevant and appealing to their older and younger demographics. Drum dance, hip hop and fashion are in full tilt! In the meantime, Aa interrogates Jackie T. like a shark.

Episode 4 – The Virals
There is a cat suit, a bucket of ice, a camera and painfully slow internet. Welcome to Qanurli?!

Episode 5 – Super Bros
A famous Inuit super hero is in town and it inspires Inuk and Nipangi to film an homage dressed as their alter egos, Incredible Quaq and Inuk Man. As they’re propelled mid-air against a studio green screen, their tempers soar.

Episode 6 – The Chase
Inuk and Nipangi write a letter to Jackie T. that they decide not to send, but accidentally gets picked up for delivery. An Iqaluit city car chase ensues.

Episode 7 – Always Smiling
While visiting Jackie T. in the hospital Inuk and Nipangi listen to a story that is as epic as the legend of Kiviuq and their toilet paper downfall begins.

Episode 8 – Toilet Paper
Jackie T. is in his power seat and standing behind him is Jesse the intern. It seems that some incriminating security footage staring Inuk and Nipangi has been obtained.

Episode 9 – How To Survive an Arctic Zombie Apocalypse
The zombies are stuck in the deep snow and are quite frozen. Despite this, the cold dark arctic atmosphere and creepy music still make this episode a… thriller.

Episode 10 – Greenland
After Aa accepts a job at the Nuuk UqausivuTV branch, Inuk must own up to his feelings about her and make a decision about their future together. He follows her to Nuuk. Then Nipangi follows Inuk to Nuuk. Then Uu follows Nipangi to Nuuk.

Episode 11 – Crisis of Faith in Greenland
Will Inuk and Aa get back together? Will Uu forgive Nipangi? And who will propose!?

Episode 12 – 1999
Flashback to high school with Inuk, Nipangi, Uu, Aa and a gang of other wonderful characters.

Episode 13 – Fallout in Iqaluit
Back in Iqaluit, Inuk and Nipangi must face the consequences of their actions. As Jackie T. threatens to demolish the tent that Inuk and Nipangi have called home for all these years.