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About Quest OutWest Wild Food

Quest OutWest Wild Food features Syilx storyteller Tracey Kim Bonneau who goes on the hunt for a truly healthy meal, armed only with a love of good food and a sense of humour,
to gather, dig, hunt and fish the foods of her ancestors. Tracey’s inspiration stems from her love for preserving food and preparing hearty dishes with her mother and grandmother on the ranch.

Tracey meets up with old and new friends at local organic farms, wineries, homesteads and wild places in the traditional Okanagan territory. Join Tracey as she swaps stories, secret ingredients, local history and cooking methods.


About the Host:
Tracey Kim Bonneau is a sensitive charismatic storyteller, experienced broadcaster, and young Traditional Knowledge Keeper of her people’s arts and culture. Tracey goes through a journey of self-reflection on the issues that are affecting her life and the lives of those around her and a journey of discovery of traditional foods and cultural knowledge and how each has a relevance to modern life.  Tracey’s connection with traditional foods starts with fond childhood memories of the farm on Shingle Creek Road where she grew up in the Okanagan. She remembers the romance of the farmhouse being lit by a coal oil lamp flickering on the table, sizzling tender venison, and the sweet aroma of hot, bubbly Saskatoon berry cobbler surrounded by hearty laughter.