Quest Out West | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Siya/Berry
Tracey discusses Food Chief Saskatoon Berry; their importance and traditional uses.

Episode 2 — Ikalet/Grains
Tracey introduces the Grist Mill and interviews Chris Matheison.

Episode 3 — Stemalt/Ranching
Tracey visits the Terbasket family ranch on the Chopaka Reserve.

Episode 4 — Sp’itlem/Bitter root
Tracey discusses Food Chief Bitter Root with Mariel Belanger.

Episode 5 — Kum st’kel/Smoked Meat
Tracey discusses meat preservation; traditional methods and from a culinary perspective.

Episode 6 — Tixem/Foraging
Tracey discusses the concept of foraging for food with Gabe Cipes.

Episode 7 — Locally Grown
Tracey talks about the importance of locally grown foods and visits the Penticton Indian Band Community Garden.

Episode 8 — Saxwip/Root Vegetables
Tracey takes her guest, Warren Hooley, to a certified organic garlic farm.

Episode 9 — Sk’ulst/Rites of Passage
Tracey meets with Penticton Indian Band Chief, Jonathan Kruger. They discuss taking his daughter, Sage, on her first hunt as a Rite of Passage.

Episode 10 — Selpqyn/Canning
Tracey takes Justin Rain to Covert Farms in Oliver, B.C. Hot and cold canning methods are discussed.

Episode 11 — Mina/Trout
Tracey and Justin Rain fish on on Osoyoos Lake.

Episode 12 — Se’win/Salmon
Tracey discusses the importance of the Chief Salmon.

Episode 13 — 21st Century Okanagan
Tracey and Nathaniel Arcand visit Nk’Mip Cellers, owned and operated by the Osoyoos Indian Band.