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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 — Apache Stronghold
Apache sacred land has been handed over to a multinational mining company by the US government, but the San Carlos Apache are fighting to stop the transfer.

Episode 2 — The Urban Rez
Canada’s largest Urban Rez takes back the streets, battling the intergenerational effect of residential schools, poverty, high crime and violence directed at girls and women.

Episode 3 — Hawaiian Sovereignty
Young Indigenous Hawaiians fight to reclaim their Occupied Kingdom from US control, resisting the construction of a billion-dollar telescope at the summit of their sacred Mauna Kea.

Episode 4 — Poisoned River
Brazil’s Krenak People struggle to survive in the wake of a massive toxic spill that has contaminated their drinking water, hunting grounds and culture.

Episode 5 — Navajo Warriors
MMA is exploding in “Indian Country” as young Navajo fighters enter the cage, reviving old warrior traditions to battle the alcoholism, racism, and violence facing Native youth.

Episode 6 — Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1
The people of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation of North and South Dakota fight to stop a pipeline from being built on their ancestral homeland.

Episode 7 — Red Power: Standing Rock Part 2
Over 5,000 Red Power warriors have descended on Standing Rock camp to stand in solidarity and protect tribal burial sites from the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Episode 8 — Warriors Rising
Savage Family, a militant Native hip-hop crew, recruits disenfranchised Native youth using rap to reclaim cultural identity and incite resistance by any means.