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Season 1

Episode 1 – Philippines: Whang-Od Oggay
From a remote mountain village in the Northern Philippines, Whang-Od Oggay carries on the tattooing tradition of her ancestors, offering those who come to her the sacred markings that were once reserved for the women and warriors of the Kalinga people.

Episode 2 – Alberta: Amy Malbeuf
When it comes to tattooing, Amy Malbeuf feels the need to practice the traditional methods developed by her ancestors, specifically the skin stitch technique of using a needle and thread to weave designs into the skin.

Episode 3 – Indonesia: Aman Jepri
A shaman named Aman Jepri gives an apprentice the markings that will complete his initiation into Mentawai shamanism.

Episode 4 – British Columbia: Dion Kaszas
Dion Kaszas is an artist and scholar as well as a member of the Lower Nicola Indian in British Columbia, Canada he works as a professional tattoo artist in a small town tattoo shop but also specializes in traditional hand tattooing techniques.

Episode 5 – Samoa: Peter Sulu’ape
The Sulu’apes are one of only two Samoan families who are authorized by tradition to create tattoos in accordance with ancient custom. Embracing their role, they carry on a sacred practice whose origins lie in legend, and which continues to shape the character of Samoa today.

Episode 6 – Newfoundland: Jordan Bennett
Drawing on Mi’kmaq and Beothuk symbols and designs, Jordan Bennett is playing an active role in the reemergence of Indigenous culture on the East Coast and across Canada and that includes the art of tattooing.

Episode 7 – Hawaii: Keone Nunes
Learning from tattoo masters from other parts of Polynesia, Keone Nunes founded a “kakau” practice near Honolulu, and went on to become the “kahuna” of traditional Hawaiian tattoo.

Episode 8 – Seattle: Nahaan
Drawing on the symbology and aesthetics of the Indigenous West Coast, Nahaan uses his tattoo work as “permanent regalia” on the bodies he works on, expressing through image and symbol the deepest beliefs of his ancestors and the forces that give life to his people and the land.

Episode 9 – New Zealand: Gordon Toi
Having established himself as a traditional artist, Gordon Toi discovered his passion for “ta moko”, the ancient Maori art of tattoo, and decided to take part in the efforts to save this art form from extinction.

Episode 10 – Alaska: Marjorie Tahbone
Marjorie Tahbone, an Alaskan artist of Inupiaq heritage, was first among the living women of her family to get her traditional chin tattoo a practice that she continues to revive day in and day out.

Episode 11 – Prince Rupert: Nakkita Trimble
The only living tattoo artist from the Nisga’a Nation, Nakkita Trimble hopes to revive the traditional process of tattooing known as “gihlee’e”.

Episode 12 – Mexico: Samuel Olman
Living in the heart of the jungle near the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, Samuel Olman heads up the Olman Project, which aims to revive the art, knowledge and wisdom of Mesoamerican tattooing, while adapting it to the modern world.

Episode 13 – Toronto: Jay Soule
Jay Soule is a multidisciplinary artist known as “Chippewar” in the Indigenous community. At the age of five he taken from his mother, as part of the “Sixties Scoop”. Today, his internationally-recognized work expresses much of the angst of today’s Indigenous population in Canada.