Strange Empire | Episode Guide
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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1
Three women are brought together by tragedy in no man’s land.

Episode 2
Kat’s girls are captured by Slotter; Isabelle uses her “powers” to entice potential investors for the mine.

Episode 3
Kat tells Marshal Caleb Mecredi she believes Slotter is guilty; Isabelle must convince Cornelius to loan her the miner’s wages.

Episode 4
Slotter attempts to hang two Blackfoot as scapegoats for the massacre. Jared tries to drive a wedge between Isabelle and Slotter.

Episode 5
With Jeremiah missing and bounty hunters on her trail, Kat turns to Native hallucinogens in search of answers.

Episode 6
Slotter appoints his most ruthless man as Sheriff; Kat wonders if she represents justice or is just another cold-blooded killer.

Episode 7
Rebecca believes amputation is the only hope for Thomas’s survival; the girls stumble on cattle rustlers and spend a night in terror.

Episode 8
A self-proclaimed prophet from Utah territory sets his eyes on Kelly. Isabelle tries to orchestrate their union to get her hands on the prophet’s money.

Episode 9
The women take sides as Slotter’s miners and Ling’s railway workers fight each other for control of the mine. Violence escalates and ends in loss on both sides.

Episode 10
With the mine in ruins, Slotter’s depravity reaches new depths as the camp struggles to save the last surviving miners trapped underground.

Episode 11
Chase Sloat is hounded by ghosts. The women use his troubled mind to their advantage as the Slotter household turns on itself.

Episode 12
An army of militia men is hired by Slotter to secure his power in Janestown. Kat goes in search of weapons and makes a plan to take the camp back.

Episode 13
The women band together to take Slotter down.