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Season 1

Episode 1 — Amanda Arcuri/Helicopter

Amanda Arcuri will meet the sporty Salina Nichols. Together they will try their hand at flying a helicopter…how high do you think they’ll get? Don’t miss out on the adventure!

Episode 2 — Brittany LeBorgne/White Water Rafting
Brittany LeBorgne will get to know the adventurous Kira Doxtator. Together, they will head to the turbulent Rouge River on a white water rafting adventure!

Episode 3 — Logan Staats/Paragliding
Meet Emma Daybutch, a photo loving shutterbug! She will try paragliding for the first time with musician Logan Staats. The only question is… will she help him overcome his fear of heights?

Episode 4 — Sarain Fox/Glider Plane

Kiya Bruno meets her idol Sarain Fox! From hitting the open road to soaring through the sky, there’s nothing these two can’t do, as long as they stick together!

Episode 5 — Akiel Julien/Flyboard
Xxavier Mckay Woon-a-Tai and Akiel Julien hit the water as they fly straight into the air on 250-horse power jets as they give flyboarding a try. Will they be able to get more than a foot off the water?

Episode 6 — Charles Hamelin/Skydiving
Follow Algonquin youth Jennifer Tenasco and Olympian short-track speed skater Charles Hamelin as they test their athletic abilities on the ice and in the skies! Who will win gold this time?

Episode 7 — Ana Golja/Motocross

Actor Ana Golja and teen Rylan Bomberry bond over their shared love of the stage while getting a little dirty as they zip through the mud on their motocross bikes. See how fast they go

Episode 8 — Nathan Dales/Catamaran
Walk the plank with Shakohaiiostha Jacobs from Kahnawake, and Nathan Dales, who stars as ‘Daryl’ on the hugely popular Canadian comedy show, LETTERKENNY as they sail the high seas!

Episode 9 — Brett Dier/Surfing
Teen Lollay Sargent and actor Brett Dier hit the beach in L.A as they hang ten and get knarly while surfing on the Pacific Ocean! Do they stand up on their boards? Do they ride a wave all the way in? Do they fist bump in happiness?

Episode 10 — Vanessa Lengies/Light Sport Aircraft
16 year old Ojibwe Kieran Davis will meet actor Vanessa Lengies! Together they’ll get a birds eye view of Los Angeles while flying in a Light Sport Aircraft, aka a “Trike,” seeing the stars both above AND below!

Episode 11 — Danny Smiles/Zipline
Teen Sheldon Hannaburg and chef Danny Smiles zip through the forest while trying not to scream… too loudly! How fast do you think they end up going?

Episode 12 — Caroline Ouellette/Via Ferrata
Mohawk sports enthusiast Kait Bomberry will partner-up with Olympic champion, Caroline Ouellette. This daring duo will face their greatest challenge yet… VIA-FERRATA! Sports fan or not, you’re in for a treat!

Episode 13 — Kaniehtiio Horn/Indoor Skydiving
Mohawk actor Tiio Horn will introduce 18 year old Cree Owen Monias to the world of K-9 crime investigation! Afterwards, they’ll continue their adventure with indoor skydiving, where they fly like superheroes!