Season 2 | That’s AWSM!


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Season 2

Episode 1- Jade Hassouné / Jet Boat
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we’re getting soaked with 14-year-old Mi’kmaq Cory and Jade Hassouné as they take a ride in a Jet Boat. Hold on tight and don’t let go!
Episode 2- Tiera Skovbye / Trapeze
Misko Manito’kwe, a 14-year-old Ojibwe-Cree hoop dancer, pairs up with Tiera Skovbye, known for her roles on the CW series, Riverdale and Once Upon a Time. Misko and Tiera make some furry friends at an animal shelter and raise the intensity bar to the max with Indoor Trapeze!
Episode 3- Eric Radford / Decalade
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we’re scaling to new heights with 16-year-old Kanien’kehá:ka Drea and Eric Radford, as they take on face-forward rappelling – also known as Decalade! Suit up, and enjoy the view!
Episode 4 - Ellen Wong / EdgeWalk
This week, we’re taking it to the extreme with 15-year-old Dene Apachita and actor Ellen Wong. Together, these two thrill seekers are going to go see if they have what it takes to truly live life on the edge!
Episode 5- Damien Ketlo / Piloting a Cessna
We’re flying high this week with 15-year-old Mohawk Rorihwatoken and former pro hockey goalie Damien Ketlo! These two athletes are going to work hard and play even harder as they push themselves to the limits in the gym and in the air!
Episode 6- Jordan Clark / White Water SUP
RYLEIGH, a 13-year-old Mohawk dancer & musician, pairs up with Jordan Clark, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4, and actor from The Next Step. They may be masters of the dance floor, but they will soon face the test of the elements, in White Water Stand-Up Paddle Boarding!
Episode 7- Varun Saranga / Zorbing
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we’re bouncing around with 16 year-old and actor Varun Saranga as they take on the twirling, whirling adventure of Zorbing!
Episode 8- Justin Rain / Hang Gliding
We head to Winnipeg where we meet Riley, a 17-year-old Ojibwe Football player, joined by bad-boy actor Justin. The pair will kick things off by learning how to take professional photos, then will take the meaning of AWSM to a whole new level with Hang Gliding – prairie-style!
Episode 9- Jessica Matten / Aerobatic Flight
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we’re hanging tight with 15-year-old Saulteaux Teanna and actor Jessica Matten as they go on a thrilling Aerobatic Flight adventure!
Episode 10- Roseline Filion / Canyoning
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we follow Roseline Filion and 15-year-old Cree Bryanna as they get to know each other while they shop until they drop, then go on a different kind of drop… down a canyon!
Episode 11- Grace Dove / Windsurfing
This week on THAT’S AWSM! we’re riding the waves with 15-year-old Cree Zowie and Grace Dove as they embark on a Windsurfing adventure at Vancouver’s Jericho Beach!
Episode 12- Simon Whitfield / Bungee Jumping
This week on That’s AWSM! we meet 16-year-old Haida artist Trey, who pairs up with Olympic Triathlon champion, Simon Whitfield, in Vancouver! From searching for garbage on the ocean’s floor, to Bungee Jumping high up in the mountains, we get up close and personal to the west coast’s natural beauty.
Episode 13- Tristan D. Lalla / Mountain Biking
This week on THAT’S AWSM! 17-year-old Tyee of the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation and actor Tristan D. Lalla are hanging out and learning all about MoCap before going on an awesome Mountain Biking adventure!