The Candy Show | Season 4


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Season 4

Episode 1 Word Your Mutha
Candy questions what’s in a name; performances by musical guests The Motorleague and a rousing performance by special guest Wab Kinew.

Episode 2 Lights, Camera, Action!
Candy shares her experiences working in the entertainment industry, and takes her first piano lesson. Featuring musical guest Christine Campbell and dancer James Jones.

Episode 3 Candy Vision
Candy explores her tendency to procrastinate; musical guests Gloryhound perform and aboriginal artist Alan Syliboy creates a painting live on the show.

Episode 4 Rock of Ages
Candy hilariously confronts the challenges of aging; spoken word artist Kahsenniyo and musical guests Chris Martin and The Troubleshooters perform.

Episode 5 If it Pleases the Court
Candy recounts her days as a lawyer; performances by singer-songwriter Ian Sherwood; and dancer, Jacob Pratt.

Episode 6 You Are What You Drive
Candy breaks down the types of rez-cars; musical artist Joey Stylez performs and Michael James wows with his own brand of magic.

Episode 7 What Kind of Indian Are You?
Candy gives her pointed perspective on this topic; featuring musical guest Ryan Cook and spoken word by Eekwol.

Episode 8 Smells like Teen Spirit
Candy’s sniffs out how scents trigger memories – both good and bad! Musical guests Like A Motorcycle have a surprise for Candy; performer Ian Gallant spins tricks on a unicycle.

Episode 9 Working For the Man
Candy reveals her experiences while working for the government; Carmen Townsend rocks out on her birthday; tattoo artist Kirt Silver brings his talents to the Candy stage.

Episode 10 Post Colonial Stress Disorder
Candy questions if this really is a “Post-Colonial” age. Musical guest Jon Mullane performs his US Billboard-chart hit and Jacob Pratt wows the audience with a special performance.

Episode 11 Idle No More
Candy shines light on to the Idle No More movement; musical guest, singer songwriter Brooke Miller performs; and Diablo Duncan wows the audience with his unique act.

Episode 12  Family Affair
Candy’s family is the centre of her universe, quirks and all! Musical guests Town Heroes entertain Candy and audience; Trevor Gould dances to Eastern Eagle’s rousing drum and vocal performance.

Episode 13 Rich Babies Don’t Cry
Candy humorously shares why some babies have it made. Musical guests Death Valley Driver perform, and Caitlan Anthony swings on the trapeze.