Season 1 | The Other Side
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Season 1

Episode 1 Bekevar
Bekevar Presbyterian Church is one of the quaintest historical buildings in Saskatchewan. But despite the beauty of this architectural gem, a young caretaker on the property keeps bumping into a paranormal visitor he’d rather soon forget.

Episode 2 WDM
In the heart of Saskatchewan, The Western Development Museum greets thousands of visitors each year. But there is one guest who seems to have overstayed his welcome. The spirit of a little boy refuses to leave the museum until he can find his parents.

Episode 3 North Battleford Part 1
Candles flickering, orbs of light and unexplained sounds are one thing but personal beliefs and team dynamics are stressed to the max when an invisible assailant attacks. Will this investigation push the team past their comfort zone?

Episode 4 North Battleford Part 2
Determined to overcome personal fears, the team relies on traditional beliefs to help the spirit of a young boy move on. But they soon discover that an angry spirit is also following them.

Episode 5 — WDM Revised
When the team left The Western Development Museum, the last thing they thought they would take along with them was an angry spirit. Jeff and the team return to the museum to confront an aggressive spirit who is stalking them.

Episode 6 Moosehead
Nightclubs are usually bustling with patrons looking to have a good time. But when Jeff and his team arrive at the nightclub in Moose Head, they quickly realize there is more to this hangout than rowdy club-goers.

Episode 7 Gladeau
When you move into a new home, you expect the former tenants to move out. That didn’t happen for one family. Jeff and his team of paranormal experts find a secret that will help the family free their home from the spirits of the previous owners who died more than twenty years ago.

Episode 8 Duck Lake Part 1
Duck Lake was the backdrop to a historic rebellion; it could be the reason for the strange paranormal encounters in the small town’s hotel. Will the restless spirits be happy to see four new hotel guests in the form of paranormal investigators?

Episode 9 Duck Lake Part 2
With the intensity of activity present in the hotel in Duck Lake, Jeff and his team of paranormal experts decide to continue their investigation of this historic site that has seen murder, rebellion and a devastating fire.

Episode 10 Kerrobert
Paranormal investigators often find themselves in situations that are psychologically terrifying. But when the team explores an old courthouse with a very dark past, Jeff risks physical injury while Priscilla must face her own personal fears head on.

Episode 11 Atlas Mines Part 1
With more than 220 deaths over the years at the Atlas coal mine, many have had paranormal experiences they can’t explain. Jeff and his team will see if they can connect with spirits from this old abandoned site.

Episode 12 Atlas Mines Part 2
With the amount of paranormal activity at the Atlas coal mine, the team sticks around a little longer and investigates the spirit of a long dead mine boss and reunites two friends, one living and one who has passed on.

Episode 13 Nippi
We’ve all seen shadows in our homes that have made us take a second look, but for one family plagued by a dark figure, the only hope they have to rid themselves of this frightening entity is to invite The Other Side’s paranormal team to gain control of the harrowing situation.