Season 3 | The Other Side
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Season 3

Episode 1 Mr. Clark
Michaella Shannon joins The Other Side team as they investigate paranormal activity at Fort Walsh, the first out-post of the North West Mounted Police, which was built near the site of the infamous Cypress Hills massacre.

Episode 2 Spirits Past
The Senator – After a bizarre experience during a live investigation at Saskatoon’s oldest hotel, Jeff and the team return to uncover more mysteries.

Episode 3 The Hanged Man
The team’s investigation into a busy community theatre finds a paranormal connection with a condemned murderer.

Episode 4 Dem Bones
The team meets a family plagued by a dark entity and discovers a bizarre case of mistaken identity.

Episode 5 Brother Jon
In an emotional episode, the team travels into the Alberta badlands to help the owners of the historic Rosedeer Hotel make contact with two lonely spirits.

Episode 6 That’s My Son’s Name
A family asks Jeff, Michaella and Tom to evict an unwelcome spirit that arrived during the construction of their vacation home in the Columbia River valley.

Episode 7 The Convent
The team wonders whether a converted convent is at the epicentre of powerful forces drawing people to the quaint town of Val Marie.

Episode 8 Drive
After moving a house to its new spot on Last Mountain Lake, a family endures years of paranormal experiences, before finally calling on the TOS team for help.

Episode 9 The Green Room
The staff of the oldest continuously running theatre in Canada ask the team to communicate with a patron from the past.

Episode 10 Learn How to Travel
The team is called in when an aggressive spirit violates a family’s privacy, and resists all attempts to remove it.

Episode 11 The Music Box
A modern museum, converted from a 130 year old hospital, houses a child-like spirit that may be connected to a long-forgotten murder.

Episode 12 When the Whistle Blows
The team investigates the Bellevue Mine, in the historic Crowsnest Pass, where 48 men lost their lives in an underground explosion in December, 1910.

Episode 13 The Angels
The tragic history of a residential school, and the quest to find peace for some troubled spirits, is the focus of three intense nights of investigation by the team.